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Inject some inspiration and warmth into your home this season.

Home is where the heart is, and just like everything in life, there are times when it may need a little more love. What better time to introduce some fresh elements into your space than during the season you will be spending more time indoors?

This year, Australia’s winter interior design trends are all about nature, so take a look outside to find some inspiration to make your home look – and feel – comfier and cozier for the cooler months. 


With the cooler weather comes warmer colours. This year, improve the warmth and energy in your space with colours inspired by vintage jewellery. Think purple-based greys, warm berry tones and emerald greens. Use the Australian landscape for further inspiration by utilising earthy reds, burnt oranges, eucalypt greens and raw timber tones to create your personal winter colour palette.

Style Tip

Try not to use more than three tones in one room to have maximum impact.



Wood has an undeniable natural warmth and will be a texture that will effortlessly complement your earthy colours. Opt for dark timber accessories and furniture to create an organic ambience. To add an extra element of luxury to your home, velvet material in jewel tones are also extremely popular and look amazing when contrasted with solid black timber or details. 

Combine your timber and velvet textures with mixed metals. Adding black metal and mesh accessories with accents of brass, copper and gold can create a strong sculptural statement and will pair well with this year’s popular jewel and earthy tones.

Style Tip

Try adding neutral-coloured, woven textures to your interior such as rattan or cane chairs. This will create even more of a natural feel.

blog chair.jpg


As with every winter, laying never goes out of fashion. Take your interior textures to another level by incorporating a shag rug or fur throw in bold, natural hues. Try a softer, more delicate rug that will feel amazing underfoot in areas where shoes aren’t regularly worn, such as your bedroom. Adding rugs to bare floors in your lounge is also an amazing idea during winter, but it’s better to opt for something a little more heavy-duty.  Stick to neutral tones in linens and swap out your summer style for a warmer winter feel by moving away from cotton towards wool and flannel. 

 A patterned pillowcase will go perfectly with neutral tones, as will extra cushions in bold, jewel colours and an oversized knitted blanket to top it off.

To increase the depth in your rooms, add a splash of black, such as a cushion, blanket or rug.

Style Tip

Don’t go overboard – stick with similar tones throughout your home for a consistent feel.



 Lighting can often be forgotten when considering the element of styling in a room, however, the right lighting can completely change the feel of the entire room. Now that the days are shorter, artificial lighting will be taking up more of your time, so it pays to get it right.

Nothing says sophistication and simplicity like a naked bulb. Consider a bulb with a captivating and warm filament encapsulated by this season’s black, brass or gold textures. It will definitely be a statement piece in your home.

Pin lamps are also incredibly popular at the moment and extremely versatile – potentially even saving you on power. Take advantage of these floor lamps to create a warm ambience where overhead lighting may be too unforgiving. Additional lamps can also highlight statement pieces around your home, drawing people’s eyes to accessories or areas you want to show off.

Style Tip

Concrete lighting is currently making a statement and can be a perfect way to combine and complement natural tones, texture and lighting.

blog lighting.jpg


 As days get shorter and the weather bleaker, we naturally spend far less time outside than we do during summer. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy what nature has to offer.  Instead of stepping outdoors to get your nature-fix, why not bring that sense of peace and relaxation indoors? In fact, studies by Professor Margaret Burchett of the University of Technology Sydney suggests that adding as few as one plant to a room can help to purify your air by filtering out toxins.

With such a natural colour palette this season, try planting succulent, bushy or trailing plants in terracotta pots to take your earthy, organic look to the next level.

Style Tip

Plants with dark green leaves photosynthesise better than others, which means they need less light to survive. Therefore, choosing plants such as the peace lily, Chinese lucky plant and the Zanzibar gem will be ideal.

blog pots.jpg

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