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At Fall, we are committed to securing the best possible result for your rental property as if it were our own. We’re always looking to achieve the exceptional, and when we do, we think it should be celebrated.

Where: Victoria Esplanade, Bellerive
Land: 1,311m2
House: Historic home – 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 254m2

This private haven was fully restored to its former grandeur and boasts an unbeatable view across the River Derwent to Hobart’s CBD and Mount Wellington. Its ornate features and original polished floorboards highlight the incredible history and creates a level of luxury seldom found. What’s more, it takes a mere seven minutes to drive from this property to the CBD and just a few minutes to walk to Bellerive Village, the beach or the yacht club.

With so many impressive features, this property was set to appeal to a very specific target market. Residential Leasing Agent, undertook the management of this property to secure the landlord’s ideal tenant.

Fall is known for placing client satisfaction first and foremost and is brilliant at being able to adapt and identify our client’s individual needs.

How did we do it?

When finding new tenants for a property, it’s pivotal to take advantage of the prime marketing time – this includes generating interest and excitement within the first week. Unfortunately, the previous real estate agency lost the crucial time for this home.

When Fall Real Estate undertook the property management, we quickly found some fantastic tenants but reduced the rent by $100 per week as the key marketing window had been lost.

The following year, we took advantage of the prime marketing time and increased the rent by $150. Sue showcased the key selling points: the history, spectacular views, proximity to the city and incredible lifestyle. She also "sold" the property to prospective tenants – just like selling a house. After all, it is an extremely unique property and the historic story deserves to be told for others to appreciate.

After updating the marketing, it took just two open homes and less than three weeks to find new tenants to call this exclusive property ‘home’. All in all, effective marketing and quality service were key to this exceptional rental result.

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