Why you should be selling and searching for real estate during the cooler months

The Advantages of Buying and Selling in Winter

There is no ‘perfect’ time to buy or sell a property. It all comes down to your circumstances, what you are looking for from a deal, and an agent who knows how to secure it. While winter can be considered ‘off-season’ for real estate, it certainly has its advantages. With this in mind, vendors and buyers alike should still consider the cool season for a number of reasons.


Higher buyer motivation

During winter, more people opt to stay indoors rather than brave the cold weather. As a result, fewer people attend open homes. School is in full swing, and major job changes often occur at the end of the year, so people are usually settled.

Naturally, buyers looking to purchase a property during winter are motivated. Your window shoppers won’t be out looking like they are in spring and summer, but your serious shoppers will be.

Create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere

Nothing compares to a warm and welcoming home in winter. Heating, insulation and lighting are a big tick on a purchaser’s list. If you can create a cosy atmosphere for people to step into, it is an immediate positive impression.

Property competition isn’t as intense

It is natural for fewer homes to be listed during winter, but this is great news if you are wanting to sell. Not only will there be higher visibility of your home, but you will also have less competition for the attention of motivated buyers. Plus, fewer properties could equate to higher market demand, resulting in buyers who may be willing to pay more for your property.

More agent time dedicated to you

Slower real estate periods with fewer listings, including over Christmas, allows a real estate agent to be more attentive to you. The extra time they have on your property can help to sell your home more quickly.

If you do decide to sell over winter, finding the right agent plays a huge part in a successful sale. Fall Real Estate has many agents who would love to discuss selling strategies suited to you and your lifestyle. Click here to find out more.

Soon-to-be parents searching

Did you know more people are born in September than any other month in Australia, with September 17 taking the cake as the most common birthday? As families expand, their need for a larger home could as well. If you have a house that would be ideal for growing families, it might be the perfect time of year to capture this target market.

EOFY tax refunds

If people get a nice, round tax refund in July or August, it could create an opportunity for more people topurchase a property. Some could start looking to upgrade, or first-home buyers might finally have enough down payment to enter the market.

Spring is about to sprout

If all else fails and your home doesn’t sell during winter, spring is just around the corner and is bound to bring plenty of interested buyers.


Buying competition isn’t as intense

If you’re struggling to secure a home during the peak spring and summer season, winter might be the perfect time to beat the crowd. Although there are often fewer properties for sale, there are usually fewer buyers as well, so your offer will have less competition. Not only will you have a higher chance of getting your first choice, but it could also be at a bargain price.

You could get a better deal

If a vendor wants to sell quickly, the lower buyer demand leaves you with more negotiating power. Ultimately, less competition could push the house price down. This means, if you’re on the lookout for a home in winter, you could have a better chance of finding a great deal.

Get a feel for weather durability

Hobart winters can get pretty cool, so a home designed to handle winter weather is a must! Shopping during winter means you get a feel for how warm each room is. You can check for indications of draughts, water leaks when it’s raining, poor insulation or potential mould issues. If it’s amazing to live in during winter, chances are it’s even better in summer!

More available removalists

As spring and summer come around, moving and rental equipment companies tend to get busier. Make the most of the quiet winter period and secure services on short notice that suit you and your schedule. Plus, moving could actually cost you less due to it being their slower season.

Increased agent attention

Much like selling your property during a quiet period, buying a home during winter enables agents to spend more time on finding you the perfect place. Their attention is less divided, and they can find you appropriate properties faster.

No matter the season, Fall Real Estate can help you to take advantage of each varying market. If you are looking to buy or sell, or simply considering your options, we are here to help. Contact us today for our expert advice.

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