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They don’t call it the ‘silly season’ for nothing, which is why large life decisions such as selling or purchasing a property get put on the back-burner over the Christmas and New Year period. During this time, many people are busy baking, planning parties, wrapping gifts or kicking back by the beach. However, there are benefits to being busy selling or purchasing a property over this time. Especially now we have such instant access to investigating property listings.

The internet has changed the game, meaning that those who are serious about buying are always browsing, whether it’s on their android during an ad break or as they wait for their biscuits to bake. So, what exactly are the advantages to buying or selling over the silly season?


Fewer listings
People will often wait until after Christmas and the New Year to put their property on the market. As a result, this could increase competition amongst buyers and potentially result in higher bids on your property.

Greater accessibility to agents
Like most industries, property tends to slow down during the holiday season, so agents will often be able to provide additional attention to your property to find the right buyer and help to market your home in the best way.

[TOP TIP: Get an agent Although you are keen to buy or sell, it doesn’t mean you want to spend all of your spare time searching for a suitable buyer or the perfect property. As a buyer, an agent will take the time out of continuously scanning for new properties. They will then notify you if anything relevant hits the market – often before it even hits the internet! As a seller, the agent may already have suitable buyers waiting in the wings, which could lead to a very smooth sale and be the cherry on the cake this Christmas!]

The summer holidays can be hectic, but they are also just that: holidays. Daily work, school pick-up or Saturday sports commitments could prevent many interested buyers from getting to open homes. During holidays, however, many people have additional time to focus their attention on inspecting and purchasing a property. Moreover, those who do are often serious.

Motivated buyers
In addition to being serious about purchasing a property, those who are in the market to buy will often want to move quickly over this period. This could be driven by the desire to move into the home before Christmas or to get settled before they head back to work. No matter the reason, selling at this time could attract eager buyers.

Christmas charm
Christmas can soften the mood of many and can enhance the appeal of a property, whether it’s the decorations, the thought of spending Christmas with loved ones in the home or the bright, sunny setting. Using the holiday cheer to increase the attractiveness of your property can be a huge advantage!


Less competition
Other buyers may drop out of the market to take time with their family, which can increase your chance of securing the home you have your eye on.

Motivated sellers
Much like buyers, vendors who have their home on the market at this time are often highly motivated to sell. Quite often, vendors will buy and sell in the same market, so if they have already purchased, there may be pressure to sell quickly.

Selling a home can also be hard work, from preparing for open homes to negotiating complex agreements. Vendors often want to start their holiday with the comfort of having sold their home. This could result in them being more open to negotiating a price to sell straight away.

Greater accessibility to agents
Once again, as real estate may slow over the holiday period, agents will often be able to offer additional time to help you find your perfect property.

Seasonal sales
The cost of purchasing a property often doesn’t end at the house; furniture, whitegoods, homewares and personal touches are regularly required. Buying a home over the holiday period means you get to make the most of the seasonal sales, whether it’s the Boxing Day sales, Australia Day sales or even the furniture sales! New models often come out in February, so January is a perfect time to pick up quality furniture at a bargain price! And we all know how much a good-quality lounge and bedroom furniture can set you back! Plus, many retailers want to sell items with a manufacture date from the previous year, including white goods. So rather than purchasing something off Gumtree that may not last the year, you’ll be able to afford another great investment! The best bit? You’ll have somewhere to put it all!

At the end of the day, if the house is priced right and fits what a buyer is looking for, there will be a market for it no matter the time of the year. Call us to have a chat with our friendly staff about your options and how we can help you make the most of these advantages. Alternatively, go right ahead and book an appraisal through this link.

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