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Looking after your rental property

If you are renting through a real estate, your property manager will schedule regular routine inspections to check the property. Fall Real Estate inspects all our properties quarterly (every 3 months), with the first inspection carried out within the first 6 weeks of your tenancy.  It is a good idea to prepare for these inspections.

It is important to maintain your property inside and out and to report any maintenance to your property manager as quickly as possible. Reporting maintenance in a timely manner can prevent further critical damage to the property.

In Tasmania, it is common for houses to be affected by condensation and mould. Generally speaking it is the tenant’s responsibility to keep the property free from any mould and condensation. Ventilating the property is the best way to keep it free from condensation and mould. Opening doors and windows as much as practical when you are home is a very effective preventative method. Keeping your property free from mould and condensation is also beneficial for your health.

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