Will bringing an expert in to style your home make you more money?

Is Property Styling Worth It?

Have you ever walked into an empty open home and immediately noticed stains on the carpet, chips in the architraves and cracks in the wall? Perhaps you’ve wandered through a house that’s been lived in for 50 years and found it hard to see past the aged furniture and cluttered corners. Not everyone has the imagination of an interior stylist, which is why they could be the perfect investment to help sell your property.

What exactly is property styling?

Although relatively new in Australia, home styling – also known as home staging – is gaining in popularity. This is mainly due to the fantastic results it can provide. Property stylists will look at your home and determine what needs to be done to make it more appealing to purchasers. The scale of this will depend on what you, the vendor, want to achieve. It could range from changing the lights, updating some décor and adjusting furniture layout to revising the paint palette and refurnishing the whole home.

The property stylist will offer suggestions, organise quotes and use presentation techniques to make your house as attractive as possible. All-in-all, it is their job to make your home more appealing to potential buyers, so you can secure a higher sale price.

Benefits of Property Styling

Highlight the selling points
An interior designer knows how to showcase each room by accentuating space and choosing furniture to achieve your marketing goals. They are experts in room presentation and have an eye for appropriate décor and colour combinations. (You might not want to move out after the makeover!)

Fade the flaws
A stylist not only has the expertise to accentuate the property’s strong selling points, but they can also fade the flaws.

An amazing first impression
Buying a new home can be an emotional decision, and we’ve all heard it before: first impressions count. If you can create a positive impact from the moment your potential buyers walk through the door, it puts you in a much better position to receive an offer.

Attract more interest
Property stying doesn’t just have an impact on those who step inside the home – it could get them there in the first place. If people like what they see on the internet, they are obviously more likely to physically inspect the property. They can then view all of the other perks it has to offer. Plus, a well-styled home could put you on top of their house-hunting list.

No imagination needed
When selling a home, you want to present it at its best. New furniture and the latest trendy décor look amazing in magazines, so why can’t it look the same in your home? Perhaps you’ve got a target market and your style isn’t really to their taste. Maybe you’ve already moved, and the house looks cold and bare. Property styling means you don’t have to rely on your potential buyers having a good imagination.

Improve sale price
The main goal when investing in a property stylist is to increase your sale price, which leads us to the next question.

How much does property styling cost and is it worth it?

The cost of property styling obviously varies significantly across home sizes and the level of styling required – from full furnishing to a few adjustments. Home styling can often cost as much as $8,000 in a 4-bedroom home in Sydney, while larger homes in Hobart can be around the $4,000 mark. In saying that, the extent of the makeover and how much you spend is entirely up to you.

As each circumstance is so different, there is no definitive answer as to whether or not it is worth it. However, case studies from Shift Property Styling have shown very positive results, including that of a 4-bedroom home in West Hobart. The listing price was $550,000, and it cost the owners $3,200 to have it professionally styled. The property sold within eight days for $30,000 above expectation. According to the agents, the styling added unquestionable value to the property.

Another instance where property styling paid off was for a home in New Town valued at $425,000 to $465,000. A total of $2,900 was spent on styling the 3-bedroom home, which had fantastic results. A total of 62 groups attended the open homes, and the owners were offered five contracts. The property sold for $30,000 above the expected price.

If physical property styling isn’t within your budget, there is always the option of digital styling. This is where a photographer places virtual furniture in images of your empty rooms to display online and in print. Needless to say, this might get people to your property, but it won’t carry over to open homes.

Are there any disadvantages to Styling a Property?

The only real drawback can be the cost, but this is largely within your control. It’s important to consider the pros and cons. For example, investing in a stylist for an inexpensive property may not provide a high return, particularly if it’s a renovator’s dream or a small one-bedroom apartment.

At the end of the day, whether property styling is worth it comes down to your specific circumstance. With or without an interior designer, there are still things you can do to improve your home’s appeal. Repair any obvious problems, clean as much as possible, and declutter and depersonalise the space.

If people like what they see and can imagine themselves living in your home, you are on track to getting an increase in offers and a good return on your investment.

Property Styling in Hobart

At Fall Real Estate, we use and recommend a property stylist for certain types of properties. Get in touch with one of our experienced consultants and they can help you determine if property styling is right for you.

The stylists we recommend are:  

Meg Clarke and Alex Keys from Home + Style
“Home + Style is a boutique business that furnishes and styles properties in Greater Hobart to create impact and buyer appeal; securing for vendors the very best price in the shortest time possible on the real estate market.”

We also recommend the work of Shift Property Styling
“Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Shift Property Styling specialise in transforming your property into a warm and inviting home ready for market or rent. Classic, clever styling can help sell your home faster, and for a higher price. Our aim is to showcase the lifestyle potential, whilst evoking an emotional response with your prospective buyers as soon as they walk through the door.”

Shift Property Styling also have an extensive blog with styling tips. Read their article on What is property styling and how it can help me?

What Next?

We recommend booking a complimentary appraisal by one of our professional and qualified property agents who can take a thorough look through your property and give you a road map to your sale. 

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