You’ve been accepted for a rental property, so what now?

Renting can be confusing, for those who are new to the process, here is some information on what to expect once you have been approved for a property.

Sign the lease

First things first, to secure the property you will need to sign the lease agreement, so make an appointment with your property manager to sign the lease as soon as possible to secure the property.

Pay your first 2 weeks rent in advance

Upon signing the lease you will then be required to pay two weeks rent in advance. The two weeks rent is payable to the agent, so they will provide you with details on how to pay this.

Pay your bond

Separate to your 2 weeks rent in advance, you will also need to organise to pay for your bond (4 x weeks rent equivalent). All bonds are now paid to, and held by the Rental Deposit Authority. Your property manager will provide you with the paperwork required to lodge your bond.  Bonds can be lodged at any Service Tasmania store, where you will be issued with a receipt for your payment. Please provide your property manager with a copy of the Landlord’s Receipt, as proof that you have paid the bond.

Connect the electricity

We only have one electricity supplier in Tasmania, called Aurora Energy. You will need to contact them to organise for power to be connected at the property prior to moving in (Aurora Energy 1300 132 003).

Collecting the keys

Please make an appointment with your property manager to collect the keys. It is important to note, that keys can only be released if the two weeks rent has been paid and you have provided us with the receipt for the bond.

Condition Report

When you collect the property keys from our office you will also be issued with our tenant pack, first routine inspection date and the condition report. It is important that you take the time to read through the condition report and add in any notes you feel are necessary. Ensure that you return the condition report with any changes within two working days to our office.

 If you have questions during the renting process, always feel free to contact your property manager. We are here to help!

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