Are you looking for some kids' activity ideas near Hobart to keep the kids' happy these school Holidays? 

We’ve put together a list of all the activity ideas around Hobart and Beyond. We update this list regularly to not just bring you what’s happening in these school holidays but to also build up an ultimate list of all the awesome things that kids' love about living in Hobart!

Do you have something to add to the list? Get in touch at and let us know your ideas for an awesome activity near Hobart!

It doesn’t matter if it’s free or costs money we want to hear from you! What do you think makes Hobart great? We can add it to the list. 

That way, any new family moving to the area or, someone local that’s stuck for fresh ideas can read this list and have ideas that span longer than the Holidays themselves.

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Only in Summer School Holidays December 2019 - February 2020

Kids Activities near hobart Available all year (Weather Dependant) 

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Thylacine

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery regularly update their displays. So, even if you’ve been in the last 6 months, chances are there is something new! Plus, it’s FREE (donations always welcome) and can be a great way to fill in a couple of hours if spending the day in Hobart.

Visit a wildlife park 

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Zoodoo Wildlife Park,

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary,

Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park,

Seahorse world

There are many parks close or a day trip away from Hobart. Some can even be paired with something else in the area. 

Cinema Hobart

Follow the link above for all the current movies being shown near Hobart. Visiting the Movies can be an enjoyable activity for some downtime or a rainy day.

Sculpture Trail - Hobart or in Birchs Bay

Sculpture Trail Hobart

The Hobart sculpture trail is a route around Battery Point and Hobart waterfront to find all the sculptures dotted around.

The other is a scenic drive out of Hobart to a trail near the coast. Birches Bay Sculpture Trail offers beautiful lunches in their cafe and a scenic walk with interesting sculptures that keep the kids moving (dogs welcome).

Port Arthur

A trip out to Port Arthur can be an educational and enlightening experience for children. Also down that way is the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park. So, if the children find Port Arthur less than thrilling, you can plan a day to keep the whole family happy!

Swimming at your local pool or beach

Swimming in Hobart

Kids' love swimming and larking about in the water. Make a plan to go swimming, and if the weather doesn't quite enable a beach trip then you could head to a pool as backup!

Swimming in Hobart

Climb the lighthouse or even stay a few nights

Bruny Island makes for a pretty exciting trip with a boat ride to reach the island! You can follow your own itinerary or join a tour.


Calling all developers! Residential land parcel with sensational mountain views in sought after Lenah Valley - 72196762

(or Mountain Bike).

Kunanyi (Mt Wellington) is a site that we tend to take for granted. Yet is only a short drive from Hobart to experience some old-growth forest and spectacular views of Hobart. Feeling more adventurous? Kunyani also has some epic mountain bike trails to enjoy. 

Hastings caves

An excellent day out on a hot day can see you swimming in their open-air pool and playing in the BBQ picnic areas and also booking in time to take a tour of the caves. Take a picnic with some snags for the BBQ for a full day out.

Tahune airwalk

Currently closed due to the devastating bushfires in the area in summer 2019 but, due to re-open early 2020. Click the link to check if it has re-opened yet!!

Parks Pass

With over 19 national parks across Tasmania buying an annual parks pass could be the push you need to plan multiple day trips and weekends away this year! 


By donation, the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG) has a spectacular restaurant with large meals in the scenic restaurant or takeaway food from their kiosk. RTBG also have ample picnic areas with stunning views. It’s a beautiful way to spend a sunny day, and they have FREE parking. Check their website for any attractions or up and coming activities. They often have events happening. 

Hobart waterfront

Hobart Waterfront is full of history and sites to see. With many fish punts along the waterfront, it is a fun way to spend an afternoon for some fish and chips and ice cream. 

Richmond Tasmania

Richmond has history and even a more modern twist on a museum, a Pooseum. Richmond has something for everyone with wineries, mazes and the lolly shop. Pick a few places to visit, and you’ll easily spend a whole day in Richmond Tasmania. 

Head for a weekend to the rugged West of Tassie

West Coast tasmania

Living in Tasmania can mean we easily miss out on some of the touristy things to do. Many people rave about the West Coast and how different it is from the rest of Tasmania. Head over and see for yourself. 

Go mountain biking at Maydena Bike Park

Maydena Bike Park

This one is for experienced bikers but a day at Maydena bike park is epic for those seeking a thrill that can match major North American Resorts. The rest of your group can visit waterfalls at Mt field national park or even go on Railtrack riders - the only pedal railway in Australia.

Picnic at Tolosa Park with the kid’s scooters


You can do this at any local park to you, but Tolosa is right at the bottom of the Mountain bike park, has a skate park and plenty of BBQ areas. Get the kids to call up some friends from school and arrange a catch-up. Parents can relax because the kids are with friends, and the kids can build skills and get rid of some built-up energy. Win-win! 

Check your local library for activities.

Tasmanian Libraries

Local libraries are a hub of activity from learning to code classes to Lego building. Check out their page, and you may find a new weekly club to join.

Wine Glass Bay Tasmania

The East Coast of Tasmania with its pristine beaches, dryer and warmer temperatures than Hobart can feel like a full-blown family Holiday! Keep costs to a minimum with plenty of free camping available or book an Airbnb with some extended family. 3 nights away up the coast can be squeezed into a long weekend away or could be a midweek adventure. 


Something many Tasmanians can miss out on because we live here! Pennicott Wilderness Journeys are award-winning and heaps of fun. Treat the kids to a day out and be a tourist for a day!

salmon ponds

A cute and historic visit to the Salmon ponds can be a beautiful little lunch spot if you are heading to Mt Field National Park or for people that love fish. Kids will love being able to feed the fish!


This one is really down to the parents. Some may think this is a bit much for their kids and others will enjoy the shock factor. You can even kick it up a notch by taking the boat from Hobart, allowing the parents to enjoy a couple of drinks along the way. Mona is free entry to Tasmanian residents so be sure to bring proof of residency (Drivers licence)

Gardening in Tasmania

Head out to bunnings or even the tip shop. We’ve linked to Pinterest for garden projects. Find something you like and plan out the project steps. Teaching kids to manage a project is great to build their perseverance and patience while also giving your garden something new.

great short walks

This links to walks around the state. Check it out, and you may be surprised by how many of these walks are right on your doorstep. 

Spend some guilt-free days chilling at home

Kids activities near Hobart

It can be great to be busy during the school holidays but don't forget that boredom can spark curiosity for life. Build-in time to do nothing and see what your kids get up to. Help them to understand screen time as a resource to use and not a way to waste time, and they may begin researching and planning rather than scrolling aimlessly.

'Unschooling' is an excellent term to research if you would like to see your kids learning more these holidays without necessarily feeling like they are in summer school. Help them to discover their passions and what working in a flow state is like. It's not to say you'll start homeschooling your kids during the holidays. Taking some thoughts from parents doing things a little differently to encourage deeper learning for your own children into the things they are passionate about.

Spend a day trying to answer some of the more significant questions your kids are asking but attach nothing to the outcome. Learning can be fun!

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