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Should I accept an early offer? 

Many vendors become extremely anxious when it comes to this subject, and whether you should hold out for a higher price is never an easy decision. Our job is to achieve the best price possible for you. We take immense care in setting the quoted price range in a way that follows your instructions, while at the same time presenting your property to potential buyers in the most appealing way possible. All possible buyers are accessed via this marketing method.

When a property first enters the market, it often creates its own momentum where competition can sometimes peak in the first few weeks. Qualified buyers are more likely to make offers if they fear losing out, so some of the best offers can occur during the initial stages. When you are not backed by the right research or advice and reject these early offers without proper consideration, it may result in your property subsequently selling for less at a later date.

Why do vendors turn down early offers?

Some owners turn down early offers because they think it is all too hasty, have become overly confident of the market, or are relying on anecdotal information. Before you dismiss any early offers, take time to ponder these issues.

How we can help

As agents, we deal with buyers day in, day out. We may be working with a buyer who is tired of looking over properties and keen to conclude a purchase. Other buyers know what they want and will act quickly when it comes on the market. Some buyers become very frustrated with the market after months and months of research and may pay a premium for the right home.

The offer made may be your best, so each offer should be considered carefully. Once you reject an offer, it can be hard to attract that offer again. You should compare your offer to the price of similar properties, which have sold recently in your area.

Also take note of the feedback received from buyers inspecting your property. Fall Real Estate consultants are skilled negotiators. When we achieve the maximum price from the buyer, we will submit the offer to you for your consideration. It is up to you to decide whether or not to accept the offer; we will always support your decision.

If the asking price is much higher than the perceived value, buyers may not make offers at all. Buyers base their offers on their assessment of the market irrespective of the price.

Will we present you with all offers?

All offers must, by law, be submitted to you, the vendor, and represent the voice of the buyers in the market place.

Each offer is a sign of interest and can be a starting point for negotiations. All buyers handle real estate purchases differently. Some can decide in an hour, others take weeks. Being in the position to say no to an offer is better than having no offer at all! Your property consultant will show you how our proven negotiation skills can maximise the sale price of your property.

Always remember we will keep working for you until a satisfactory outcome is achieved!

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