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Tips for securing a rental property in Tasmania in a hard market

 If you are finding it hard to secure a rental property at the moment, you are not alone! Hobart is experiencing a period of very low vacancy rates, which is making it difficult for many to find accommodation. Here are some tips to help you be prepared for the application process and how to be competitive:

Make every effort to attend the open home

Most Real Estate Agents will not accept an application from a potential tenant if you haven’t viewed the property first, so it is important that you make every effort to try and view the property – otherwise you may miss out to someone else who did.

Get a copy of the agency’s Tenancy Application Form

Visit the Agency’s website or call their office to get a copy of their Tenancy Application form and find out what identification and checks they require, so you are prepared. Each adult living in the property will need to fill out a separate application form.

Get your paperwork ready

Make sure you have sufficient identification organised and be ready to present it to the agent. You will also need to provide the Agent with a current credit check, it is best to organise these documents prior to inspecting the property to avoid any delays, which may cause you to miss out on the property.

Apply for the property ASAP

Once you have attended the open home, get your application (including all required identification and credit checks) to the managing agent quick smart! Make sure all paperwork has been filled out and all questions answered as completely as possible. Delays in providing sufficient information or paperwork may mean you miss out on the property, so be organised and prompt.

It is definitely a tough time to be a renter, but being organised and prepared really can make a big difference.

Good luck out there!

Once you’ve been accepted you can check out our renters guide for everything you need to know for your next steps to moving in. 

For more information or assistance, give us a call or schedule a meeting with our property Managers in Hobart or any other office in Tasmania. 

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