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So you have listed your property, had photos taken, marketing has been prepared and now your property is officially listed For Sale.  The next stage can be daunting for many people, and we frequently get asked questions in regards to the offer process.

Should I accept an early offer?

The best advice is to listen to the feedback your sales consultant is giving you. Whether you should hold out for a higher price is never an easy decision and our aim, is to achieve the best possible price for you.

When a property first enters the market, it will often create it’s own momentum and competition will often peak in the first few weeks. Qualified buyers are more likely to make offers if they fear losing out, so some of the best offers can occur during the initial stages. If you are not backed by the right research or advice and reject these early offers without proper consideration, it may result in your property later selling for less down the track.

Some owners turn down early offers because they think it is all too hasty, have become overly confident of the market, or are relying on poorly informed research. Before you dismiss any early offers, take time to ponder these points. It is up to you to decide whether or not to accept an offer and we will always support your decision.  Each offer is a sign of interest and can be a starting point for negotiations.

Always remember that we will keep working for you until we have an outcome you are happy with. 

How should I respond to other people’s advice?

It is not uncommon for your family or friends to weigh in with comments when they realise your property is on the market. While their advice is usually well-meaning, you need to remember that it is not professional advice from an expert on local property matters.  

Opinions from friends or family are not often based on any intimate knowledge of what buyers are looking for and what they are currently paying for similar properties to yours. If you are concerned that we have missed any relevant data in assessing the likely sale price of your property, please always feel free to discuss this with us. We are always available to review and update the market feedback at any time.

Will I be advised of all offers?

As your agent we will keep you informed on everything that the market is indicating, both the good and the bad. Please allow us to be direct with you. We will always provide accurate feedback on property inspections and confirmed offers.

It is our role to find out what the market opinion on your property is and how real buyers compare it with similar properties. It is a fact that properties sell when they meet their market value. When your property sells, it means we will have confirmed it’s true value. Fall Real Estate prides itself on operating to the highest possible ethical standards and we will always take the upmost possible care in negotiating and maximising price terms and conditions to your benefit.

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