Is Christmas a good time to sell your house?

A guide to selling your house at Christmas time

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As we approach Christmas, many of us get caught up in the rush of preparations, such as decorating our homes, hosting parties, and shopping for gifts. During this time, important decisions like buying or selling a house are often delayed.


However, serious house hunters keep an eye on the property market throughout the year, including during the festive season. With the availability of online listings and smartphones, potential buyers can conveniently browse through the latest homes for sale from anywhere.


This leads you to wonder whether selling your house at Christmas is a good idea, a great idea or something that should wait until the festivities are over. Continue reading to find out some insight into why you might consider selling during the Christmas break with Fall Real Estate!

Is the Christmas season an opportune time to market your home for sale?

Motivated buyers

Prospective buyers in the current Christmas season are typically more serious about property acquisition and often prioritise a swift transaction. Whether driven by the goal of settling into a new home before Christmas, completing the unpacking process before returning to work, or enrolling children in a local school before the term begins, their motivations make them more proactive. Selling during this period can therefore attract enthusiastic buyers who are ready to make prompt decisions.

Greater access to agents

As some individuals opt to delay their buying and selling activities until after the holiday season, property agents sometimes find themselves with more availability. This surplus of time allows them to provide additional guidance, ensuring your home is marketed effectively to attract the right buyer during the festive season.


Consider enlisting the expertise of a property agent. The process of finding a suitable buyer demands time, energy, and experience—qualities a professional can bring to the table. Fall property agents often have prospective buyers in their network, potentially leading to a swift and smooth sale. Imagine the gift of a hassle-free sale just in time for Christmas!


Click here to connect with a Fall property agent and explore the prospective buyers eagerly awaiting your property. You can also contact our helpful adminstrative team who will match you with the ideal property agent for selling your house at Christmas.

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Fewer listings 

With fewer houses on the market over Christmas and New Year, sellers stand to benefit. Listing your property at this time has the potential to intensify competition among buyers, potentially leading to more competitive offers and increased property value.


In our fast-paced lives filled with numerous commitments, the demands of work, school routines, and weekend sporting events can hinder potential buyers from attending open homes. However, during summer holidays, a reprieve from these obligations provides individuals with more leisure time to peruse listings, explore properties, and potentially make a purchase.


When selling your house at Christmas, you will also have more time to ensure your home is prepared and ready for sale and staged for professional photography and open homes!

Christmas charm

Indulge in the joy of holiday cheer! Transforming your property with decorations, scented candles, or a festive outdoor dining setting can resonate with a buyer's vision of creating new traditions in a new home, especially during the festive season. Distinguish your property by leveraging the sights, sounds, and scents of Christmas to elevate its appeal. And never underestimate the enchanting influence of a bright, sunny summer day!

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So, is Christmas a good time to sell your house?

If a house is priced right and it fits what a buyer is looking for, there will be a market for your property no matter the time of the year.


Our friendly team is ready to guide you through your options and help you maximise the holiday time advantages. Give us a call today for a personalised discussion about how we can assist you in achieving your real estate goals.

Would you like an expert local agent to talk to you about your property?

We believe the best way to understand the current market value of your home is to have an up-to-date in-person market appraisal.


Click here to learn more about our obligation-free appraisals.


We also have a very informative and helpful article explaining what a property appraisal is whether you are looking to sell your property or rent your investment!

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is not legal or professional advice and therefore is intended as a guide only.


Knowing whether buying or selling your house at Christmas time is just the first step in preparing your property for sale - read on below to discover more tips and recommendations from our helpful articles and suburb profiles below!


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