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As the local experts on real estate in Southern Tasmania with over 20 years of operating experience, whether buying, selling, leasing or renting real estate, Fall created these guides to support, help and guide you during your real estate journey and make it as stress-free as possible.

Our real estate guides are designed and written in collaboration with your local Tasmanian Fall Real Estate team. If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about your property, please request a property appraisal or contact our team.

Buying a property at Christmas time

A guide to buying at Christmas

What exactly are the benefits of buying your dream home over Christmas? Is this the best time for you to find your next or first property?
Blog preview - Minibeasts of Tasmania

Minibeasts of Tasmania

Whilst Tasmania doesn't have grizzly bears or lions, it is home to a number of insects and native animals that it's worth keeping an eye out for!
Image of a man playing with his air conditioner. Is he turning it up because of winter? Or turning it down because of summer?

Winter energy saving ideas guide 101

Winter and its cold weather can lead to costly bills. To combat this, we have practical winter energy saving ideas to lower your costs.
Image of a man bushwalking in tasmania

The best things to do in Tasmania

Our top things to do in Hobart and Southern Tasmania for the holidays and all year round!
Close up image of a persons hands wearing green gloves as they remove mould from walls and skirting of a home.

How to get rid of mould in your house

Our top tips for preventing mould growth and how to get rid of mould once it starts growing!
Edited image of a red/brown ant climbing up a plant.

How to manage ants in your home

Fall is here to assist you with practical ways to maintain and care for your home. Our 8 non-toxic strategies can effectively eliminate ants from your home quickly and permanently.
A leasing agent discussing a rental property appraisal with her two clients at a table, looking through the documents. All 3 people are happy and smiling.

Where does a rental property appraisal fit in the rental process?

Understand the role of rental property appraisal in valuing your investment asset.
A person conducting a rental property appraisal in the presence of the home owner. The agent is pointing at the windows, describing something to the home owner.

What is a rental property appraisal?

Knowing when to get a rental property appraisal is crucial as it's a valuable asset.
An image of cleaning products against a green backdrop.

7 simple cleaning hacks

Helping you in practical ways to maintain and look after your home; we have you covered with our 7 simple dinner party cleaning hacks!
A series of checklists sitting in front of a number of cleaning products.

Cleaning Checklist

Download our free checklist for 7 simple dinner party cleaning hacks using what's in your pantry or cleaning cupboard!
Blog image for: Should I accept the first tenant application. Image depicts a man and woman standing together at the kitchen table whilst looking at the woman's phone.

Should I accept the first tenant application?

The key points you should consider before you choose the first tenant application for your rental property.
Image for blog: Should you buy an investment property or a family home first? Image depicts a real estate agent meeting with a young couple, shaking hands.

Should you buy an investment property or a family home first?

What should you consider when deciding whether you should purchase your first home or investment property?
Blog image: Smoke alarms in rental properties in tasmania - Image depicts a young man changing a smoke alarm

Smoke alarms in Tasmanian rental properties

Learn about Tasmanian smoke alarm requirements for rental properties and owner/tenant responsibilities in this guide.
Image for blog: What to expect during the offer process. Image depicts a couple looking at their new home whilst holding the keys

What to expect during the offer process

Get the ultimate guide to buying real estate in Southern Tasmania and prepare for a successful home purchase.
Image for blog: What are the upfront costs of buying a house in Tasmania. Image depicts a small wooden home frame against a brown paper background

What are the upfront costs of buying a house in Tasmania?

Learn about the typical upfront costs of buying a property and prepare for your dream home purchase.

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