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Unlock your property's full potential with a complimentary sales property appraisal from Fall Real Estate. Learn Fall's effective strategies to sell your home quickly and at the highest price, all with no obligation.

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Secure a free sales appraisal with southern tasmania’s leading real estate experts

Unlock your property's full potential with a free appraisal from Fall Real Estate. Learn effective strategies to sell your home quickly and at the highest price, all with no obligation.

Do you want to know what your property is worth in Tasmania’s property market?

We provide a detailed analysis of current properties with similar sizes and locations, a comparison to recently sold local properties, and recommendations for improvements to gain the best price possible.

Understanding where your house stands in the current market is crucial, and an expert appraisal is your first step to success.

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Is it time to move?

Whether you need to move, just want to move, or simply know where your property currently sits in the market, the starting point is the same. You need a sales property appraisal!

A sales appraisal is where you will find everything you need to know for a successful sale. It’s quick, it’s free, and it comes without obligation. Our Fall Property Agents are the best equipped to help you.

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Trusted Expertise

All of our staff are required to undertake extensive and accredited training to attain their real estate licence. When you speak to our team, you know you can trust their expertise.

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Local Knowledge

As a leading, locally owned and long-established real estate agency with eight offices strategically located throughout Greater Hobart, our knowledge in this market is unmatched.

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Proven Results

Shown by our strength, our geographic spread, and our hundred years of combined industry experience, we replicate our proven results no matter which property agent you choose.

Your questions about selling answered

There are several common questions when selling your property:

Is my property ready for sale? How long will it take to sell? What price can I expect? How do I go about it? How much does it cost?

Fall’s Property Agents have a wealth of local knowledge and proven results across Southern Tasmania.

Contact one of our eight offices across Greater Hobart or complete the sales appraisal form above to get in touch with one of our Property Agents and have all your questions answered.

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What does a sales appraisal involve?

After filling in the form above, your Fall Property Agent will contact you so they can inspect your property. During your meeting, they will discuss what you aim to achieve in the sale - including your timeframes.

This step is crucial as it will help our property agents advise you on how to prepare the home for sale, suggest what will help you get the best price, and help establish a realistic target sale price.

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What happens after the appraisal?

After your appraisal, your agent will compile a proposal report. This report will compare your property with similar properties that have recently been sold and are currently for sale,  providing you with an expected selling price. In addition, your agent will include advice and answers to what you discussed at the inspection of your property. Any questions you may have, our expert sales agents can assist you with.


The state of the market and the type and position of your property have an essential bearing on the best way to sell your property. Your Fall Property Agent will be the best person to advise you.

Made the complicated seem so simple

It was my first time selling a property and couldn’t have felt better looked after.


A stress-free process

Extraordinary, highly professional and committed. They really do take a lot of pain and stress out of selling.


The most professional sales team we have ever dealt with

Every step was explained to us and then carried out to the letter. I would have no hesitation in using them for any future real estate sales in the future. Genuinely, honest and good people.


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