Navigating selling your property: The four main methods

Selling real estate in Tasmania with Fall Real Estate

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  • The four main methods for marketing your property for sale: private treaty, auction, expressions of interest, and sale by tender.
Navigating selling your property: four main methods by Fall Real Estate.

Ways to sell property in Southern Tasmania

The four main marketing strategies for selling your property

There are four main marketing strategies sellers can use to sell their property: a private treaty, an auction, an expression of interest campaign, and a sale by tender.


For sellers in Southern Tasmania, understanding the four primary methods of selling a property is not just advantageous—it's essential. In a region where real estate markets can fluctuate and individual circumstances vary widely, grasping these distinct selling approaches empowers sellers to navigate the selling process confidently and clearly.


By delving into each method, sellers can make informed decisions tailored to their unique goals and circumstances, ultimately maximising their sales potential and optimising their marketing strategy. Below, we explore the four main methods of selling property in Southern Tasmania and uncover how this knowledge can elevate your selling experience and outcomes.


Contact one of our professional and experienced property agents for more comprehensive and individualised information and support. They can provide you with a complimentary property appraisal and discuss the best method for selling your home or investment.

Private treaty - Fall Real Estate

Private treaty

A private treaty is the most common selling campaign owners will use to sell their property in Tasmania. Fall Real Estate can advertise your property with a particular asking price, or a price guide will be given, such as "Offers over $600 000".


Depending on the market and buyer competition, the owner may receive offers well over the starting price. Our experienced property agents can discuss the current market conditions you will be selling, guiding you towards the optimal strategy for your property.

Auction - Fall Real Estate


While auctions are less common in Tasmania, they are increasingly utilised in today's market and chosen carefully for particular featured properties with high interest. They also provide an exciting environment for buyers who want to acquire your property.


Your property agent can also easily witness each buyer's interest level and assess the competition. Buyers also tend to have all their necessary checks and professional advice before bidding, as the buyer and seller can often choose to sign the contract on the day of the auction.

Expressions of interest campaign - Fall Real Estate

Expressions of interest campaign

Your property agent will include an “expression of interest” campaign in the title of the property listing to invite buyers to submit an offer within a timeframe.


An expression of interest allows buyers to submit their highest offer on a property before the closing date. The owner can choose to accept the best offer (or most appealing offer) or decide against selling the property if they do not receive the desired selling price or conditions they want.

Sale by tender - Fall Real Estate

Sale by tender

Sale by tender also provides buyers with a deadline to submit offers. Typically, the buyers will fill out a tender form with their price offer (their perceived value of the property) and special terms and conditions and seal the tender documents in an envelope. The seller will receive and open all offers simultaneously on the due date and decide which offer they will accept.


Considering selling your property in Southern Tasmania but unsure about the best marketing strategy and pricing in the current market?


Reach out to our dedicated team for expert guidance through every step of the selling process. Our professional administration team will assist you in connecting with the ideal property agent tailored to your unique circumstances, ensuring a smooth and successful sale.

Get my house appraised

The appraisal process is conducted well before your commitment to sell - unless you are time-sensitive. Our guidance at this stage can not only create better outcomes, but it can also save you considerable time and money.


Our Fall Property Agents listen to your goals and aspirations at the house appraisal - your real estate journey starts here. A property appraisal will be significant in helping you make informed decisions.


The process of getting a property ready for market can be stressful. However, receiving sound advice and forming a professional relationship with your agent from the house appraisal will build a strong foundation for your real estate journey.


Once you decide to take your property to market, you will already have an agent who knows your aspirations for you and your property.


You can contact us today and organise a free no-obligation house appraisal for when you are next available! Simply either click here to find your ideal Fall Property Agent, contact one of our eight offices in Southern Tasmania or fill out our appraisal form so that we can find the perfect agent for you, your property and your circumstance.

Book your no-obligation house appraisal today!

The market changes constantly. There is continually plenty of local interest combined with good interstate investor numbers. Many people are keen to own a piece of our beautiful island state.


So, why wait? Contact us today, and let us make your dream a reality.

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