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12 tips to prepare your home for sale

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  • Four practical steps that can help you achieve the best possible sale price for your property.
  • Twelve effective tips for preparing your property for sale that will make your home or investment stand out from the competition.
  • Your success is our success! We reveal how we can help you to be successful right from the start when preparing your property for sale.

Preparing your property for sale can feel overwhelming yet exciting. To ensure you get the best possible sale price, it's important to follow these four steps when preparing your home.


Firstly, put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers. Features that are dear to you may not be as appealing to others. For example, bold wall colours may be viewed as an additional expense if buyers want a more neutral colour scheme.


Secondly, assess whether your home needs renovations, minor repairs, cleaning/decluttering, or just a style update using interior design techniques. Make a list of all the necessary updates or fixes by walking through your home.


Thirdly, our team of approachable and accommodating property agents is at your service to offer a complimentary property appraisal without any obligation. They can also provide expert guidance on the most effective renovations or minor repairs that can enhance the value of your property.


Would you like to learn more about property appraisals and whether it is the right choice for you? Our informative article "What is a Property Appraisal?" is here to help you.


Lastly, determine the level of difficulty and requirements of each task. Decide whether you have the skills to tackle them yourself or if you need the expertise of a professional. Remember, proper preparation is crucial for a successful sale.

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12 tips for preparing your property for sale

1. Deep clean and organise your home

As simple as it sounds, a complete clean and tidy-up is an essential step to present your home at its best. Buyers like to envision themselves living or investing in the property as they walk through.


A clean space that feels open, fresh and uncluttered adds home appeal. Consider organising a professional cleaner to service your property.

2. Make a decision about styling

If you want to improve the appearance of your property, consider styling it. Hiring a professional or researching ideas online can be a great way to get inspiration. It's important to have a clear idea of the design style and colour scheme you're aiming for. A neutral colour scheme is a good choice as it appeals to a broad range of buyers.


To complement your styling, choose furniture that matches your interior design. Avoid using worn-out or stained furniture, as it can decrease your home's appeal. Remember to keep your styling to a minimum; overdoing it can be costly with little gain.


If you're interested in learning more about property styling when preparing your property for sale, check out our blog post, "Is staging a home for sale worth it?"

3. Schedule your minor repairs

Taking care of minor repairs in your home can have a big impact, and scheduling them with a local tradesperson or in your own calendar can ensure they are completed on time and at your convenience.


When potential buyers walk through your home, they may view damaged flooring, cracked tiles, or broken windows as additional costs. This could result in a lower offer or even deter them from purchasing altogether if the repairs seem overwhelming.


Before tackling any maintenance, check with your insurance company to see if you are eligible to make a claim for certain repairs.


Your experienced property agent can also guide you on which repairs to prioritize and which ones can wait when preparing your property for sale.

4. Get help preparing your property for sale

If you're considering renovating your home, it's a good idea to reach out to local builders for quotes and start dates. While it may seem overwhelming, renovating can actually be a great way to enhance the appeal of your home.


Before embarking on any major renovations, it's wise to consult with a property agent to avoid overcapitalizing.


If you have DIY skills, you can also consider undertaking simple renovations as a creative way to refresh your home. However, if you prefer to hire a professional, keep in mind that good tradespeople may be booked up for months in advance. If you're looking for a quick sale, this option may not be feasible.

5. Tidy and enhance the front of the home

When it comes to selling your home, the front of the house is crucial in making a good first impression. This applies both in person and online and print marketing. Therefore, it's important to give it extra attention when preparing your property for sale.


The street appeal of your home can greatly influence a potential buyer's interest. Make a statement with your home's exterior by adding a fresh coat of paint to fencing, doors, and trimmings. Keeping the outside tidy and attractive is also important, so make sure to mow the lawn, weed, and maintain the garden.


If you need assistance, consider reaching out to a gardener or tradesperson to help create your outdoor space. Your property agent will be able to recommend someone local.

6. Inspect your carpets; do they need a refresh?

Have you thought about arranging for a professional carpet cleaner to freshen up your flooring? Even if your carpets are due for an update, a thorough cleaning can make a big difference in the overall appearance and cleanliness of your floors. With the help of a skilled and experienced carpet cleaner, you and your potential buyers can enjoy a fresh and inviting home that feels like new.

7. Store away your items

Whern planning for open homes, it's important to clear out any personal items that you don't want on display. Things like photos, valuables, framed documents, and other items that could identify you should be taken down and stored away safely. Some people opt to use storage facilities or packing boxes to keep their belongings secure.


While it's possible to sell your home with these items still in place, removing them can make your property more appealing to a wider range of potential buyers and may even increase your sale price. So, it's definitely worth considering this step.

8. Create a mood

To create a warm and inviting atmosphere during open homes, consider playing soft background music and filling the space with pleasant cooking smells like freshly baked bread, cakes, and coffee. Allow natural light to brighten up the space by opening windows, rolling up blinds, and adding mirrors.


Make sure the temperature is comfortable by keeping the house warm during cold days and letting fresh air flow through on warmer days. These little touches provide a cozy and comfortable feel for potential buyers during their walk-through.


Don't hesitate to consult with your Fall Real Estate Property Agent for additional ideas leading up to your open home.

9. Secure your pets

Most people love animals, however, larger dogs can be quite intimidating. It is advisable to ensure that animals are secured or relocated during property inspections. This will provide potential buyers with a sense of comfort and ease when inspecting the property.

10. Plan something to do on the open day

To ensure a thorough inspection of your home by potential buyers, it's best to leave the property showing to your agent. While assistance can be appreciated, experience has shown that prospective purchasers may become distracted from the main objective if they feel the need to be polite.


To make the most of the showing, plan to be away that day. Consider planning a scrumptious breakfast or lunch outing to pass the time and settle your nerves.

11. It's not over after the open home

It is essential to maintain the appearance of your property at all times, as potential buyers may want to schedule a viewing at any moment. The key is to be flexible and accommodating with their availability.


Although it may seem challenging, even with kids, setting aside time in the morning and afternoon to tidy up your home can be a helpful way to stay on top of things. By doing so, you can make sure that when someone requests an inspection, you won't have a long list of tasks to complete beforehand.

12. Consult a property agent

Most importantly, seek guidance from one of our dedicated property agents regarding any of the points above or any burning questions or ideas you may have. Their professional advice and evaluations are invaluable in assisting you with your selling journey.


By following these tips for preparing your property for sale, you will be one step closer to a successful sale outcome.

Your success is our success

It is advisable to consult with a professional to assist in determining which ideas or features are likely to add to your property's value when preparing your property for sale.


Property agents play a crucial role in this decision-making process, as they can help prevent overcapitalization and ensure that any investments made aim to make a significant increase in the selling price and appeal.


To obtain a comprehensive evaluation of your property's current market value, consider inviting a Fall property agent to conduct an up-to-date sales property appraisal. They can also review your preparing your property for sale list and provide recommendations on which items are worth investing time and money in and which ones can be skipped.


Even if you already know that your property requires renovations to increase its market appeal, a local and experienced property agent can advise you on your current market price and provide guidance on potential returns on investment or sale price.


If you are interested in seeking professional advice, click here to fill in an obligation-free sales appraisal form. Discover how you can maximize your market price with the help of our expert team when preparing your property for sale.

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