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What are your responsibilities, and how should you care for your home ready for the rental inspection?

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In this article

  • Find out how Fall Real Estate inspects rental properties.
  • A helpful list of ways you can look after your rental property.
  • We reveal the best ways you can prepare for your next rental inspection so you can feel confident and stress less!

You have secured a rental property, the keys have been handed over, and a property inspection was mentioned.


You are now wondering what your responsibilities are and how you should care for your home so you are ready for your first inspection.


Overall, if you, as a tenant, follow the rental agreement and look after your home, you can be assured that the rental inspection will run smoothly and efficiently.


Below we explore how Fall undertakes inspections and what you can do to ensure you follow your rental agreement and care for your new home so you can feel confident as your first inspection draws near.

How does Fall inspect rental properties?

Fall Real Estate inspects all our properties quarterly (every three months), with the first inspection carried out within the first four weeks of your tenancy. There will be, at most, four inspections within twelve months.


During each inspection, the property manager will use the Fall Rental Inspection Checklist to thoroughly examine and review the rental property.


A Fall Inspection Report will be completed, including the photographic evidence, which will help to protect the owner and the tenant from unnecessary financial loss due to false claims.


The report's purpose is to ensure the state of the property is up to standard for both the tenant and the owner.

How to look after your rental property

It is a great idea to prepare for inspections by keeping your home well cared for all year round. Rather than panicking and rushing around your house to fix, clean and tidy the day before your inspection, regularly maintaining and cleaning your home will ensure a less stressful environment for you and your property.


There are two reasons the property manager comes to inspect your home:

  1. To assess the property condition, and
  2. To see if any maintenance or repairs need to be undertaken.


Overall, a rental inspection should be a smooth process that assures the owner that their property is in good condition after they leased it over to you. The property manager also ensures that the property is up to standard for you as a tenant.


Below is a list of our top tips for looking after your rental property and preparing for your next rental inspection.

Report maintenance

Report any maintenance to your property manager as quickly as possible - you do not have to wait until the inspection. Reporting maintenance in a timely manner can prevent further critical damage to the property. You can report maintenance by contacting your property manager directly via phone or email.

Maintain your property

It is the tenant's responsibility to maintain the property inside and out, not just the spaces you mainly use. Set some time each week to ensure the property is kept to the same standard in which it was when you signed the lease.

Avoid condensation and mould

In Tasmania, it is common for houses to be affected by condensation and mould. Generally speaking, it is the tenant’s responsibility to keep the property free from any mould or condensation.


Ventilating the property is the best way to keep it free from mould and prevent permanent damage.  Opening doors and windows as much as practical when you are home is a very effective preventative method.


Click here to read our 15 top tips on how to stop condensation on windows overnight

Prevent damage to the property

Many of us enjoy celebrations, festivals, and host dinner parties for our friends and family. However, it is your responsibility to ensure festival traditions and party celebrations do not damage the property in any way. If damage does occur, it is your responsibility to fix it.

Have an organised home

Having an organised home with less clutter will mean you can easily clean and look after each space. When your home is organised, it is easier to keep it clean and tidy.

Keep each space tidy

Having each room tidy will mean you have less clutter and, thus, fewer surfaces to collect dust and mould. You will also find it easier to deep clean and maneuver around the furniture to vacuum and dust.


For inspiration on how you might like to organise or tidy your home, check out Home + Style's photo gallery.

Have a clean property

Clean each room in your house regularly. The kitchen and bathrooms should be wiped daily and deep cleaned weekly. Depending on how many people live in your home will also impact the need to clean more or less frequently.

Consider purchasing a carpet shampooer, an effective vacuum cleaner and a mop and duster to clean all areas of your home.

Have no extra people

Have no more people living in or on the rental property than you stated in the rental agreement. The property manager has experience determining when too many people are living in a rental home.

Have owner's approval for pets

You must seek permission from the owner before having any pets on the property. Therefore, pets must only be on the premises after approval from the owner has been given. If pets are allowed, follow the agreement carefully regarding how many and which animals are permitted.

How to prepare for your rental inspection

Maintaining and caring for your rental property is essential, and being prepared for the inspection day is too! The property manager should walk around your home and get the sense that the property is well cared for and loved all year round.


Here are some helpful tips to ensure you are completely ready for the inspection day:

Notify your property manager

If there has been any change to your personal details, including your mobile number or email address, you should notify your property manager.


Fall Real Estate’s goal is to keep all lines of communication open. This allows the property manager and the tenant to easily and efficiently communicate.

Set a reminder

Set a reminder on your calendar for the date and time of your inspection, so you are prepared and ready.

Address any previous issues

If this is not your first inspection, you may have been asked to maintain your property to a higher standard. Ensure you have done anything your property manager has mentioned well before the next inspection.

Don’t leave cleaning and tidying to the last minute

Regularly cleaning and tidying your home throughout the three months since your previous inspection is vital. Leaving cleaning and tidying to the last minute will often lead to permanent or costly damage from neglect.

Tenants are welcome

Tenants are welcome to be present during an inspection, but it is not a requirement. If you prefer to be absent during the inspection, you can plan to do something during the agreed time.

Secure pets

If you have pets, keep them secured during the rental inspection. Please note that the yard will also need to be inspected.

State repair and maintenance problems

Please note any non-urgent repair or maintenance problems you notice in the quarter leading up to the inspection and email the details to your property manager before the next inspection.


For more prominent problems, call or email your property manager as soon as possible.


As a tenant, make sure you speak up and raise any issues or concerns about your rental property. Your landlord and property manager will want to fix the issues to avoid problems in the future.

Rental inspection real estate

Are you in the market for a new rental property?
It is best to start inspecting real estate as soon as possible so that you can start to get a feel for what is available.

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