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Bellerive, Tasmania, Suburb Profile

Bellerive, a suburb in Tasmania, Australia, is famous for its cricket and Australian rules football history. It is home to the Bellerive Oval, now known as the Blundstone Arena, a popular sporting venue that hosts both international and domestic cricket matches as well as Australian rules football games.


Bellerive offers a blend of modern amenities and historical charm. Its waterfront area is a popular spot for locals and tourists, offering stunning views of Hobart and Mount Wellington. The Bellerive Boardwalk provides a pleasant walking and cycling route along the river, with several parks and reserves providing recreational spaces for residents and visitors alike.

Where is Bellerive, Tasmania?

Bellerive is a suburb located in the city of Clarence, in the state of Tasmania, Australia. Situated on the eastern shore of the Derwent River, it is just a short distance from the state capital, Hobart, which lies across the river. Bellerive is known for its picturesque waterfront, historical significance, and its vibrant community.


Bellerive is conveniently located, with a 2 minute drive to Eastlands Shopping Centre, a 16 minute drive to the Hobart CBD and a 15-minute drive to the international airport. This makes it an ideal central location for businessmen and women travelling to the airport for interstate commutes or work in the city.


Postcode: 7018

Bellerive, Tasmania to Hobart: 16 mins drive, 6.3 km

The population of 4,507 in the 2016 Census.

The size of Howrah is approximately 2.9 square kilometres.

Approximately 30% of its occupants live in rental accommodation.

Image looking over the suburb of Bellerive Tasmania

Real estate in Bellerive

Properties in Bellerive offer a diverse range of options, catering to various lifestyles and preferences. The suburb boasts a mix of housing types, including historical homes, modern houses, apartments, and waterfront properties.


In March 2022, PropTrack,’s research division, revealed that this desirable Hobart Eastern Shore suburb was Tasmania’s most in demand neighbourhood by a wide margin. Receiving an average of 132 buyers engaging with each Bellerive home listing compared with a national average of 12 buyers per listing.


Bellerive's waterfront and Bellerive Bluff are highly sought after, with properties offering stunning views of the Derwent River and the surrounding landscape. These properties range from luxurious homes to charming homes ready for a revival, providing residents with a premium living experience and easy access to the waterfront activities and amenities.


Bellerive features a number of charming historic homes that showcase the suburb's rich heritage including their mature trees and established gardens. These properties often exude traditional architectural styles and designs, providing a glimpse into the area's past. In contrast, the suburb also offers contemporary houses that feature modern designs and amenities. These properties often appeal to families and individuals seeking spacious, updated homes with all the modern conveniences.


Bellerive has a selection of apartments and condominiums, offering a convenient and low-maintenance lifestyle. These properties are suitable for individuals or small families looking for a comfortable living space with easy access to local amenities and the waterfront. Bellerive also features townhouse developments that provide a balance between space and low-maintenance living. These properties are often designed with modern layouts and amenities.


The variety of property types in Bellerive ensures that there are housing options to suit different budgets and preferences, making it an attractive location for a diverse range of residents. Whether one is seeking a historic home with character or a modern waterfront apartment with stunning views, Bellerive offers a range of options to cater to various lifestyles and needs.

Featured Bellerive properties sold by Fall Real Estate:

Bellerive, Tasmania

7/3 Clarence Street, Bellerive, Tas, 7018

SOLD - $1,010,000

June 2023


Bellerive, Tasmania, 7018

6a King Street, Bellerive, Tas, 7018

SOLD - $1,200,000

Feb 2023


Bellerive, Tasmania, 7018

1/132 Cambridge Road
Bellerive, Tas, 7018

SOLD - $565,000

Sept 2023


Bellerive, Tasmania, 7018

41 South Street, Bellerive, Tas, 7018

SOLD - $652,000

Oct 2023


Transport availability in Bellerive

Bellerive has good transport links, including bus services and easy access to the Tasman Bridge, connecting it to Hobart and other parts of the state.


For those looking for an affordable way to get around Hobart East and CBD, Metro’s bus service is a great choice! With multiple routes running throughout the day, you can easily travel between the Shoreline Shopping Centre in Howrah and the Eastlands Shopping Centre via the main road of Clarence Street. Metro utilises the inner streets of Bellerive, starting at Yarram Street in Howrah and coming out at Bayfield Street, Bellerive. To plan your route, check out the network map, which you can download here.


Since August 2021, locals have utilised a new service in Bellerive. Derwent Ferries is a convenient option for commuting between Bellerive and Hobart, as it operates via the river. A one-way trip takes about fifteen minutes.

Bellerive, Tasmnaia

Things to do in Bellerive

Blundstone Arena, formerly Bellerive Oval, is a prominent sports stadium in Bellerive renowned for hosting international and domestic cricket matches and Australian rules football games. With a seating capacity of approximately 19 500, it has a rich history dating back to the late 19th century and has undergone several renovations. Alongside its picturesque location on the Derwent River, the venue offers modern amenities for players, spectators, and the media. Beyond sports, it serves as a versatile space for concerts, festivals, and community events, playing a central role in Tasmania's sporting and cultural scene, and Bellerive's local community.


Discover Tasmania's rich cricket legacy at the Tasmanian Cricket Museum, inside the Blundstone Arena, showcasing the feats of esteemed players such as Charles Eady and Tim Paine. The museum features displays, videos, and team accolades, including the revered 1979 Gillette Cup. Open Tuesday to Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm (with adjusted hours on match days), entry costs $2 for adults, and $1 for children. You will also find the Max Atwell Memorial Library, housing an expanding collection of 3,000 books. This dedicated cricket library offers both new and second-hand books for purchase, celebrating Tasmanian cricket and local cricket authors.


Enjoy a relaxing day by the water, go for a swim, or take a leisurely stroll along Bellerive Beach. This beach is a serene coastal destination known for its soft sands and calm waters along the Derwent River. Bellerive Beach also caters to beach sports enthusiasts with facilities for activities. The beach's scenic views of the river and the Hobart skyline, coupled with its proximity to cafes and amenities, make it a favoured spot for both locals and tourists seeking a peaceful retreat and recreational activities.


Bellerive Beach Park stands as one of Clarence's cherished destinations, nestled between the stunning Bellerive Beach and the iconic Blundstone Arena. This park caters to all age groups and abilities, boasting an array of play equipment such as spring riders, swings, and various interactive installations. It also offers a comprehensive fitness area with an assortment of equipment, ensuring a well-rounded recreational experience for all visitors.


Discover the charm of the historic Bellerive Quay Village with its original sandstone buildings, cafes, and local shops. While you are there indulge in the local dining scene with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and eateries offering delicious Tasmanian cuisine.


Experience the breathtaking scenic vistas at Bellerive Marina, where you can embark on your own invigorating boat ride or unwind in the embrace of the maritime ambiance. Recently revamped to enhance quality and convenience, Bellerive Marina stands ready to cater to the needs of passionate boating enthusiasts, ensuring a memorable and seamless experience.


Once you have moved in and are a Bellerive local, you should head to Eastside Squash where you can sign up for $16.50 per week* unlimited squash! With a variety of options including Ladies Squash, Gentle Squash, beginners to masters, as well as tournaments, you will find a community of squash lovers here.


You can also regularly participate in community events, festivals, and cultural activities that take place throughout the year, showcasing the vibrant spirit of Bellerive and surrounding eastern shore suburbs.

Bellerive Beach, Tasmania

Nature and recreation spots

In Bellerive you will find plenty of outdoor activities. Locals engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and picnicking in the nearby parks and reserves.


Kangaroo Bluff Battery Historic Site holds significant historical importance as a colonial-era military fortification overlooking the Derwent River. Originally established in the 19th century, it served as a strategic defensive position, equipped with gun batteries to protect the approaches to Hobart. Today, the site remains a popular destination for history enthusiasts and tourists, offering a glimpse into Tasmania's military past and providing panoramic views of the river and surrounding landscape.


You can embark on the captivating Bellerive Heritage Walk, a delightful 1 to 1.5-hour stroll commencing at the Bellerive Boardwalk. Dating back to the 1820s and formerly known as Kangaroo Point, this historic gem, now recognised as Bellerive, boasts its rich past through original sandstone structures, and buildings of what used to be an old school, post office, and police station. Immerse yourself in the charming ambiance of the village, as the walk offers a fascinating glimpse into Bellerive's bygone era.


The Clarence Foreshore Trail is a pathway that runs along the Derwent River and along Bellerive's coastal line, catering to various users such as walkers, cyclists, and joggers. It presents a diverse landscape, showcasing beautiful bays with yachts dotting the waters, as well as serene she-oak forests and open parklands. The trail's surface varies, transitioning from wide concrete paths to narrower gravel sections, providing a different experience at every turn.


There is a natural bushland named the Waverly Street Park located behind Bellerive and Howrah that is easily accessible. You can enjoy a moderate walk on the Waverly Wildflower Walk, which will take you approximately an hour of exploring in the bush.


This is a popular spot amongst locals who enjoy the abundance of wild orchids, native plants and sandstone, and it is amongst their favourite regular walking spots. For more information about this track, refer to the Clarence Council’s guide here.


Dining and cafes

Bellerive Quay is home to the majority of restaurants and cafes in Bellerive, while others are scattered throughout the suburb.


Lining the waterfront, an array of enticing options awaits you, including the renowned Hooked on Bellerive, the inviting Waterfront Hotel, the delightful Belle's Burgers, the Canadian influenced Gas Town East, healthy focused Marla Singer, and Italian cuisines at Cugini Restaurant.


Hannah and Adrian, co-owners of Abundance on the Quay, have opened a successful cafe, homewares and specialised clothing store in Bellerive Quay. They believe in everything good in abundance, including their friends, family, food, wine and all things wonderful. If you understand (or want to) the art of living, this is a place for you to get your morning coffee!


Just round the corner you will find Groundsman Espresso providing their customers with premium locally roasted coffee and both savoury and sweet treats and more. They have a communal table for you to enjoy a bite or work while having one of their famous coffees, and if you are really a coffee lover take one of their 250g of roasted beans from Zimmah Coffee home with you.


Indulge in the flavours of traditional Chinese cuisine at the Tang Dynasty Tang Dynasty Restaurant, where you can savour authentic dishes in a cosy and welcoming setting. After your meal, take a leisurely stroll along Bellerive Quay, allowing the serene ambiance to complement your dining experience.


Annapurna Bellerive holds a special significance for us, as one of our employees started their professional journey here. Serving up inspiring Indian dishes, this Indian restaurant uses their own spices and herbs that have been stone ground. You must pay a visit to experience the magic firsthand.


Hurricanes Cafe situated inside the Blundstone Arena, claims to serve the best coffee on Hobarts Eastern Shore and casual dining for breakfast. They support SPEAK UP Stay ChatTY on Shorts Day by donating $1 from every beverage sale.


A local favourite, especially on a hot day, is the Fish Bar located at Bellerive Beach. While your children play at the park or at the beach, you can head to the Fish Bar get yourself a takeaway coffee, grab some ice creams to cool your family down or order some of their freshly cooked seafood and chips for lunch!


Other restaurants and cafes you will find within Bellerive are Bill's Asian and Kebab House, Legs 'N' Breasts, Himalayan Tandoor & Curry House, Bellerive Yacht Club, Local Pizza,


Shopping and services

Bellerive has plenty of shopping and services for its locals. For your essential grocery needs, look no further than Salamanca Fresh. If you are seeking your next lotto ticket, newspaper, magazine, or greeting card, the Bellerive Newsagency is your go-to spot. Additionally, to ensure your letters and packages reach their destination promptly, Australia Post - Bellerive LPO stands ready to assist you.


Bellerive caters to your health needs with Guardian Pharmacy Bellerive Quay, Dr Humphrey Dental Surgery, and Eastern Shore Doctors, offering a range of medical services. You can also get active at Quay Health + Pilates to empower your body upon settling into this wonderful suburb.


Family Based Care fosters independence at home, focusing on reablement strategies to help individuals regain functional capacity and enhance self-reliance. Their mission is to empower individuals to embrace life to the fullest.


The Salvation Army store in Bellerive offers both in-store and online shopping options. They sell pre-loved items that have been generously donated by the local community. You can always find something new to discover as they add new items to their inventory daily.


Services that you can find in Bellerive are Proactive for accounting, financial and tax advice, Pace Financial Services for your local mortgage broker, Eastern Shore Upholstery Service, Marspec Services for quality painters, Ken Vance Motors for car repairs.


If you can’t find what you need at the local stores, the largest shopping centre in Tasmania is only 10 minutes away. Eastlands boasts a range of stores, including Big W and Kmart, Woolworths and Coles, JB Hi-Fi, Michael Hill, Natures Works, and plenty of clothing stores!


Alternatively, you can visit the Shoreline Shopping Centre, just 7 minutes away in Howrah.

Are you a local business?

If you own a business in Bellerive or Southern Tasmania, we would love to showcase it in our suburb profiles. Please send us an email ( and tell us about your business, what makes it unique, and why we should feature it.

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Local schools

The beachside suburb is home to three primary schools; Bellerive Primary School, Corpus Christi Catholic School, and The Cottage School.


Bellerive Primary School inspire and support each learner through purposeful learning while encouraging them to succeed as creative and curious thinkers.


They believe: "a good school knows your child by name, a great school knows your child by heart."


At Corpus Christi Catholic School, the day begins with the 7:45 am Breakfast Club, where staff not only supervise but also engage students in meaningful conversations and teach them the art of preparing their own breakfast. Guided by the motto "Respect, Believe, Achieve," the school has cultivated a community of learners known for their strong sense of social justice and academic excellence.


Nestled in Bellerive on Hobart's eastern shore, The Cottage School is a close-knit, co-educational primary school with a student body of 70. The school takes pride in delivering a holistic education, nurturing students through a diverse range of learning experiences that cater to their intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic, and physical development from kindergarten to sixth grade.


Clarence High School, located in the heart of Bellerive, pin their educational philosophy on their fundamental values of nurturing connections, cultivating curiosity, and unlocking potential, which serve as the bedrock for their teaching and learning programs.


Mackillop Catholic College, a co-educational institution in Mornington catering to students from Year 7 to 12, serves as the primary feeder school for Corpus Christi Catholic School.


If your preferred school isn’t in Bellerive, easy-to-access public transport is a fast and simple way to travel to other suburbs and the CBD daily.


In Bellerive, you can also find the Green Leaves Early Learning Bellerive Centre, boasting six meticulously designed learning hubs tailored to accommodate children of various developmental stages. These stimulating environments cater to children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age, fostering a conducive space for early development and growth.

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