Twelve effective tips to secure a rental property in Tasmania

How to make your rental application stand out!

February 2023 | By Fall Real Estate | 8 Minute Read | Tags: Guide, Rent

In this article

  • We look at how you can stand out from the crowd and secure a rental property in Tasmania by following our twelve steps.
  • Fall Real Estate uses an easy online application form that you only need to fill in once with all your details.

You want your application to stand out when you are looking to secure your next rental property in Southern Tasmania - or wherever you choose to move!


Your first impression, list of references, first two weeks' rent, and having the characteristics of a quality tenant matters.


Our property managers look for the ideal tenant for any particular property and owner using the details from the list of applications and face-to-face first impressions to decide the best fit.


So, how can you stand out from the crowd and secure your next rental property in Tasmania?


If you are a good quality tenant, we want you! To help lessen the burden and give you confidence when applying for your next rental property, we have put together our top practical tips to help you prepare for your rental application, first impression and ultimately secure a rental property.

Twelve effective tips to secure a rental property in Tasmania

1. Set up your online application

Before searching for, visiting or applying for a rental property, it is important to start your online application first to help you stand out by showing the agents you are serious and prepared.


Fall Real Estate uses 2Apply for its online tenancy applications. 2Apply helps you to collect and manage your online rental applications.


You can choose and click through to one of our current rental properties and click “Apply” in the Key Details section, or simply click here.


The 2Apply application process allows tenants to fill in the form once and use it in as many applications as they wish.


Fall Real Estate will require you to provide information that verifies the following:

  1. who you are
  2. where you currently live
  3. whether you can afford the rent
  4. Personal information report or Equifax report

2. Fill in personal information

Now that you have created an online account, you can start filling in your personal information to help you stand out and secure a rental property in Tasmania.


You will be asked to state information about the following:

  • who you are
  • who your dependents are
  • whether you have pets
  • the number of vehicles that will be parked at the property
  • your two years living history
  • a minimum of two years of employment history
  • two references who can discuss your character
  • an emergency contact who will not be living with you

3. Contact your references

Contact your chosen references before you put them on your reference list. The property manager will soon know that your references had no idea a real estate agent would contact them by phone or email to discuss your overall character and history.


Contacting your references, asking permission, letting them know what will be expected of them as your reference, and ensuring they will be available to answer their phone or email promptly makes the application much smoother and quicker.


2Apply will also immediately (as soon as you hit ‘apply’) send an email survey to references to complete when you apply using the online tenant application. Therefore, contact your references before adding them to your application form to help secure a rental property in Tasmania.

4. Prepare all the application documentation

Before stepping foot into your first rental property inspection, collecting your correct documentation is a good idea so your application process can continue with the necessary information and checks.


You will need documents to prove your identity and your income. Scan each piece of documentation, certify it if necessary, and upload it to the 2Apply rental application.


Anyone over the age of 18 living at the property will need to submit their own application.

5. Write a cover letter

A cover letter introduces yourself in more detail, allows the owner and property manager to read your application with more insight and clarity, and explains why you are the right tenant(s) for the property you have applied for.


A rental application cover letter does not need to be long or persuasive. The letter's aim should be about who you are (honest and factual). Thus, giving the owner and property manager more detail to consider you as the right tenant for their rental property.

6. Click through to Fall’s Rental Application Form

Before finding your perfect rental property, become familiar with Fall’s application form. This form completes the application process for a particular rental property.


On Fall’s website, you can apply for a particular rental property using the 2Apply process with all of your relevant documentation already attached. Clicking on “Apply” on a specific rental property’s market page, then sign into your 2Apply account, and it will take you to the rental application form for that particular property.


Reading through the questions and evidence required for a specific rental property application will mean you are more prepared to answer them once you find your perfect place. The main topics covered are:

  • the property’s details
  • applicant details
  • other occupants (intended living arrangement)
  • application questions (such as, “Tell us more about yourself?”)
  • required monies (bond and two weeks' rent in advance ready to pay)
  • terms and conditions

7. Receive rental property alerts

Enquire about one of our current rental listings, and you will start receiving rental property alerts - making you one of the first potential tenants to find out about a rental property on the market.


Once alerted to a rental property on the market, you can request an inspection and be the first to view the property.

8. Attend the rental property open inspection

Some residential leasing agents or property managers will only accept an application from a potential tenant if you have viewed the property first. Thus, you must make every effort to view the property. You will otherwise be competing with tenants who have attended and have made a lasting good first impression in person.

9. Be on time for the rental inspection

Punctuality is a virtue. Being on time and ready to walk through will encourage the real estate property manager to remember you as the first one there when looking through the pile of applications.

10. Look presentable at the rental inspection

The landlord wants to hand over their home to someone they can trust, and our property managers want the same for their clients. Taking the rental inspection seriously by looking presentable illustrates that you are a responsible tenant eager for the property.

11. Be pleasant and subtly reveal your good characteristics

Do you like cooking, gardening or having a clean and tidy home? Letting the property manager know the characteristics you have to make a good quality tenant will see your application climb the pile of possible tenants when the owner asks the property manager their thoughts.

12. Apply for the rental property immediately

Once you have attended the open home, submit your online application as soon as possible. Suppose you feel a particular home will be the right fit for you before entering the property. In this case, you can fill in the application details and save the information ahead of time - ready to submit straight after the inspection.

Overall, you should ensure all paperwork has been filled out correctly and that all questions are answered honestly and accurately to your knowledge.


Delays in providing sufficient information or paperwork may mean you miss out on the property. Therefore, being organised and prompt will show you are serious and competitive compared to other potential tenants.


Once accepted, you can check out our renters guide for everything you need to know - from tips for moving home to preparing for your first rental inspection.


For more information or assistance, please give us a call or schedule a meeting with our property managers in Hobart or any other office in Southern Tasmania.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is not legal or professional advice and is general in nature; therefore, the editorial content or articles on this website are intended as a guide only and do not consider your personal objectives, financial situation or particular needs. For more information, please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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