What questions should I ask my tenant's references?

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  • A list of questions you can ask a tenant's previous landlord, current employer or a friend or family member.
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What questions should I ask my tenant’s references?

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential tenants, you can start calling the references they have listed.


Calling the references will give you a better understanding of their workplace relationships and work ethics, their overall character and the friendships they keep.


Below is a list of questions you can ask a landlord, employer or a friend/family member to help you find your ideal tenant.


However, if calling all the rental application references seems overwhelming and too much work, you can contact us today or book a free rental appraisal. No matter where you are on your investment journey, we are here to help you!

Questions for a potential tenant’s previous landlord

  1. What is the address of their current property?
  2. Who are/were the occupants listed on the lease?
  3. How long was the tenant’s occupancy?
  4. Was the rent consistently paid and on time? And how much was the weekly rental amount?
  5. Was the property maintained and cared for well?
  6. Did the property suffer from any major damages or maintenance issues? How did the tenant respond in these situations?
  7. Did the tenant have any pets during the occupancy? Were any issues related to the tenant having a pet on the property?
  8. Were any complaints made by other tenants or neighbours?
  9. Why did/does the tenant want to vacate your rental property?
  10. Would you rent to the tenant again? Why/why not?

Questions to ask a potential tenant’s employer

  1. Can you confirm that the tenant is currently or was employed at your company?
  2. What date did they start working for you?
  3. Are they punctual?
  4. What are their regular hours of work each week?
  5. What is the employee’s position?
  6. What are their current terms of employment? Are they currently employed casually, part-time, full-time, on trial or a contract?
  7. What is the tenant’s monthly salary?
  8. What are the tenant’s prospects or aspirations for employment in the future?
  9. Do you work well with the applicant? Do other employees enjoy working with them? Why/why not?
  10. Has the tenant ever been in trouble at work before?

Questions to ask for a character reference of a potential tenant

  1. How do you know the applicant?
  2. How long have you known them, and how well would you say you know them?
  3. What do they do in their leisure or spare time?
  4. Have you visited the applicant’s home before? How would you describe the state of the property?
  5. Do they smoke?
  6. Do they have pets?
  7. How would you describe their character?

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