Where does a rental property appraisal fit in the rental process?

A Fall guide to where a rental property appraisal fits in your real estate journey.

May 2023 | By Fall Real Estate | 10 Minute Read | Tags: Guide, Rent

In this article

  • Find a dedicated and highly experienced residential leasing agent who can appraise your rental property and reveal your potential rental yield.
  • A rental property appraisal service is free of cost and obligation and will be booked at a convenient time for you.
  • To help get your rental property tenanted as soon as possible, Fall has a highly effective rental marketing campaign for clients.
  • Preparing your property for tenants and the first inspection is vital to ensure you receive the best rental yield - ask us how!
  • Fall helps their clients find the perfect tenant for their rental property. Our property managers will handle all the maintenance and communication moving forward - we are here for you!

Your investment property is a valuable asset, therefore it is essential to understand where a rental property appraisal fits in the rental process when you decide to rent your next or first investment.


A few steps are involved in renting out your investment and finding the best rental price for your property - and it is just one of the things we do best!


To simplify, we have included eight steps below so you can easily see where the rental property appraisal fits in your real estate investment journey and start receiving your rental yield!

1. Contact a residential leasing agent

A residential leasing agent’s role is to reveal your rental yield by appraising your investment property and helping you to find a reliable and ideal tenant. Therefore, dedicating some time to choosing your professional residential leasing agent is essential.


At Fall, we have three committed, reliable and highly experienced residential leasing agents in our property management team - dedicated to achieving your goals for your investment properties.


Kim Gould - 0428 773 279

A local at heart and a landlord herself, Kim fully understands the importance of having your valuable asset managed by a professional team.

To find out more about Kim, click here.


Naomi van Schie - 0476 829 898

From a career in sales management and her love for our beautiful Apple Isle and the nature it offers, she will stop at nothing to get you the results you desire.

To find out more about Naomi, click here.


Ariel Dao - 0488 588 052

Ariel is a highly motivated, result-driven agent who has worked with a range of investors, providing them with excellent results throughout letting their property.

To find out more about Ariel, click here.


You can also head to Our Staff page and scroll through to get to know our professional and experienced property management team. Under each of our property managers, you can click “Learn about my manager” to learn more about how they can help you.


Our administrator team can also help connect you with one of our residential leasing agents. Knowing all our staff and how they operate, our administration team can easily connect you with the right agent.

Contact us today!

2. Get your rental property appraised

Once you have contacted your residential leasing agent, they will make a convenient time to meet you and your investment property.


The rental property appraisal service is free of cost and obligation. The appraisal will keep you informed and updated on our current rental market and help you develop a trusting relationship with your residential leasing agent and our Fall property management team.


The formal rental property appraisal and the residential leasing agent will continue to help you as you navigate through the next stage in your real estate journey.

Your success is our success.

3. The rental marketing campaign

At Fall Real Estate, we have a rental marketing campaign package for rental properties that covers all key marketing platforms - printed and digital. We design and implement a marketing campaign to reach as many suitable potential tenants as possible.


We like to make things as easy as possible for our investors. Hence, we have created a seamless and highly effective marketing campaign for all our rental properties to work towards our investors receiving their rental yield sooner rather than later.


Your residential leasing agent will provide you with our Fall rental marketing campaign and step you through the best way forward for your investment property and goals.

At Fall, our marketing campaign covers all key digital and print platforms, making sure your property reaches as many people as possible.

4. Decide on a rental price

Once you have received your formal rental property appraisal and marketing campaign, you can finalise your property's rental price with your residential leasing agent.


Your agent will start preparing your rental marketing campaign, including the printed and digital campaigns.

5. Preparing your property for tenants

You will need to prepare your investment property for our photographer to take professional photos.


Your residential leasing agent will be able to provide you with tailored tips for preparing your rental property for advertising and tenancy.


Your residential leasing agent will also discuss the minimum standard for a rental property and how you can ensure to achieve this for your tenants. This will involve legislative requirements for a rental property in Tasmania.

6. Preparing your property for the first tenant inspections

Ensure your investment property is clean, de-cluttered, well-presented, and ready for potential tenants to walk through the door.


Our residential leasing agents have been trained and are comfortable talking to a variety of people and assessing whether they are the right fit for your property. So you can rest assured that once the property is clean and tidy, you have nothing more to do!


Your agent will have sound knowledge of your rental property's suburb and will confidently communicate with potential tenants while developing insights into their interest in renting your property.


Overall, when we show the property by open inspection or personal inspection, we ensure that clients are always accompanied by one of our professional Fall property managers or residential leasing agents during the inspection.

Image for blog - Where does the rental property appraisal fit in the rental appraisal process . Image of an individual mopping a wooden floor with a blue mop
Ensuring your investment property is clean, de-cluttered, well-presented will give it the best chance at being leased.

7. Tenant applications

Once the first open inspection has occurred, you will start receiving applications from tenants asking to rent your property.


Should you accept the first tenant application or wait for a better tenant to come along?


Your residential leasing agent will help you to decide which tenant application best fits your investment property.

8. Tenant occupancy

Once you have chosen a tenant(s), you can hand over the management and communication to our Fall property management team.


From providing the keys and moving-in day to the maintenance and routine inspections, a dedicated and experienced Fall property management team will manage your investment property.


Our property managers work in teams of two, ensuring we always have a manager available for you or your tenant to contact at any time.


Give our administrative team a call today to learn more about what our property management team can do for you and your investment property.

Book your no-obligation rental property appraisal today!

Why wait? Contact us today, and let us connect you with the right tenant for you and your investment property.


You can also fill out our rental property appraisal form and get your investment property appraised in no time!


Want to learn more about what a rental property appraisal involves? Click here, and read our helpful and informative article!

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