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Cygnet, Tasmania, Suburb Profile

Cygnet is an enchanting and quaint town in the south of Tasmania and one of the many great suburbs along the Huon River, where charm and character abound. This country suburb is a testament to the beauty of small-town living, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Cygnet captivates with its picturesque landscapes, where rolling hills meet the serene waters, creating a scene straight out of a postcard. The air is crisp, carrying the scent of eucalyptus and the warmth of community spirit.


What truly sets Cygnet apart is its warm and inclusive community. Here, neighbours are not just neighbours; they're friends who share a genuine camaraderie. The community spirit is palpable, evident in the numerous events and festivals that bring people together. Whether it's the annual Cygnet Folk Festival, local walks in and around Cygnet, or the vibrant arts community and galleries, there's always a reason to gather and revel in the connections that make Cygnet feel like home.


As the sun sets behind the rolling hills, Cygnet transforms into a tranquil haven, where the starlit sky casts its spell, and the quietude invites contemplation. Whether you're savouring a locally sourced meal, taking a leisurely stroll along the main street, or simply basking in the warmth of community gatherings, Cygnet weaves a tapestry of experiences that etch themselves into your memory.

Where is Cygnet, Tasmania?

Situated 54.8 kilometres south of Hobart CBD along the Channel and Huon Highways, Cygnet beckons artists, nature enthusiasts, foodies, and history buffs to not only explore its charming town but also to find their next dream home.


Postcode of 7112, Tasmania

Cygnet, Tasmania to Hobart: 54.8km, 47 minutes

Population of 4,802 people in the 2021 census

The size of Cygnet is approximately 57.5 square kilometres.

Real estate in Cygnet

Cygnet, Tasmania

Cygnet offers buyers in the Huon Valley plenty of land to purchase, from standard-sized blocks to acreage. Many are in sunny and quiet positions and offer a myriad of possibilities, from a hobby farm to your lifestyle haven.


There are lots of new homes being built in Cygnet, and many of these new properties are perfectly positioned for you to be able to walk into the centre of the township, are situated in quiet areas, and offer pleasant rural views of the surrounding hillside, town centre or Port Cygnet Bay.


Cygnet is witnessing a surge in new home construction, and these contemporary residences boast ideal locations. Positioned for convenient walks to the town centre, these properties are situated in tranquil areas, providing a peaceful retreat. Many of these new homes also offer charming rural views, showcasing the picturesque surrounding hillside, the town centre, or the serene expanse of Port Cygnet Bay. Embrace modern living with the perfect blend of accessibility, serenity, and scenic vistas in these newly developed properties.


Considering selling in Cygnet? Trust the local experts. Connect with one of our professional property agents for a complimentary and comprehensive property appraisal. Our professionals not only love Cygnet but also have an in-depth understanding of the local market, ensuring you receive accurate insights and personalised guidance for a successful and informed selling experience.

What is a Fall complimentary property appraisal?


Discover charming older homes scattered across Cygnet, many situated on spacious blocks, some encompassing sprawling acreage. Among these, you'll find captivating period homes, providing the perfect canvas for outdoor enthusiasts, hobby farmers, or those yearning for an authentic country lifestyle. A multitude of these residences boast well-preserved traditional features, such as high ceilings adorned with decorative cornice and ceiling roses, Tasmanian oak floorboards, gallery-style kitchens with wood stoves, and elegant mantlepieces or double-sided open fires, to name a few.


The land surrounding these picturesque properties is equally enchanting, many featuring house gardens, fruitful orchards and vegetable patches, a harmonious blend of pastures and bushland, woodsheds, and vibrant gardens, and you can often find either large or small dams. Embrace the allure of these timeless homes, where a connection to the outdoors and the essence of country living intertwine seamlessly.


Cygnet properties benefit from robust waterways and fertile soil, creating an ideal environment for abundant orchard fruit cultivation. Positioned at the heart of Tasmania's prominent apple, cherry, and berry growing region, this quaint suburb is celebrated not only for its agricultural expertise but also for its distinctive alternative and healthy lifestyle, warm hospitality, and significant contributions to the tourism sector.

15B Emma Street, Cygnet, Tasmania

15B Emma Street, Cygnet,
Tas 7112

SOLD - $490k

August 2021

8 Kings Hill Road, Cygnet, Tasmania

8 Kings Hill Road, Cygnet,
Tas 7112

SOLD - $440k

September 2020

Transport availability in Cygnet

Living in Cygnet, you have the convenience of walking to the main shopping street, while other residents can reach the suburb's centre quickly by car or bicycle.


Tassielink offers a regular bus service in Cygnet with budget-friendly daily fares. You can access the information about the Cygnet to Hobart route via the Huon Valley and Southern Outlet by clicking here.

Cygnet Market, Tasmania

Things to do

Cygnet is an excellent destination for day trips. You can explore this country suburb and enjoy the markets, food, and art trails.


The unique and vibrant Cygnet Market runs on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month (from 10 am until 2 pm), as well as special events, including the Christmas Cygnet Market. Held in the local iconic Town Hall, this country market promises live music, fresh food, homemade items, art, and a chance to connect with the friendly locals.


Explore the diverse world of knitting through CUCKoO's engaging workshops. Whether you're a novice looking to master the art of beanie and sock knitting or aspiring to create a top-down jumper, they have tailored classes to suit your skill level. Discover their latest workshop offerings or organise a private session for 10-15 people. Join Michele in unravelling the joys of knitting in a creative and welcoming environment.


Explore Cygnet's vibrant artistic community as you consider this suburb for your potential home. Immerse yourself in the local art scene by visiting galleries like Huon Art, Stanley's Studio, CUCKoO etc, and Lovett Gallery. Each gallery offers a unique perspective, showcasing the diverse and inspiring creativity that spans from the aspiring endeavours of art students to the masterpieces crafted by seasoned artists. The high-quality artworks unveiled in some of these spaces encapsulate the very essence of Cygnet's artistic spirit. Whether you are an art enthusiast or seeking the perfect town to call home, Cygnet's rich cultural tapestry awaits your exploration.


Embark on the Handmade in Cygnet Open Studio Art Trail, a captivating self-guided tour comprising open studios. The trail provides visitors with the opportunity to witness artists and makers in action, delve into their creative processes, and engage in conversations about their artistic journeys. In essence, visitors can uncover the intricacies—the influences, ideas, materials, tools, and skills—that converge to bring a finished work to life. Stay informed about this enriching experience by clicking here for the most accurate and up-to-date information and dates, or follow them on social media.


Loongana Park beckons both tourists and locals to pause and unwind amid its serene atmosphere, featuring lush shady trees, inviting picnic tables, and conveniently located public toilets. The expansive grounds provide ample room for children to frolic freely, while a quaint community bookcase invites literary exploration and sharing. With the luxury of time, visitors can leisurely absorb the charm of this idyllic country suburb, where nature and community converge to create a haven for relaxation and appreciation of the scenic surroundings and good community vibes.


Cygnet Skate Park, adjacent to Burton's Reserve and Cygnet Playground, serves as a skating hub in the heart of the community. This space caters to skateboarders, rollerbladers, and BMX enthusiasts of all skill levels. Surrounded by the scenic beauty of Burton's Reserve, the playful space of Cygnet Playground and the convenience of public toilets, the skate park creates a multifaceted recreational haven for individuals and families alike. Whether you're a seasoned rider honing your skills or a spectator enjoying the atmosphere, Cygnet Skate Park adds an energetic dimension to the diverse recreational offerings in this picturesque town.


Looking for something to do on a Sunday morning? Find the local churches in Cygnet at St Mark's Church or Enjoy Church Huon Valley, both hosting services at 10 am. Whether seeking spiritual connection, community engagement, or family-oriented activities, these Sunday gatherings provide enriching opportunities for anyone.


Enjoy Church Huon Valley provides wholehearted worship, an uplifting message, and a side of coffee. Embracing the belief that 'No One Stands Alone,' they extend mid-week opportunities to join Friendship Groups and food programs, and their facility is also used for community groups. For young ones, Kidmania at Enjoy Church offers a vibrant avenue for children to discover who God made them to be and flourish through a blend of music, games, and Bible-based teachings.

Nature and recreation spots

In Cygnet, residents relish nature's beauty and history. They immerse themselves in the natural surroundings, delve into their rich heritage, and draw inspiration for their artistic endeavours.


Burton Reserve Wetlands, also referred to as the Port Cygnet Wetlands, held historical significance for the Melukerdee people, serving as a vital resource for sustenance, medicine, and tools. Recognised as one of Australia's oldest nationally designated wetlands, it is classified as a wildlife conservation area due to its diverse waterbird species and distinctive geological features. Today, community members actively engage with the reserve, utilising the space for recreational activities such as exercise, play, bird watching, and picnicking, fostering a connection between the land and its inhabitants.


Explore Cygnet's 14.0-km loop called the Missing Link, a moderately challenging trail taking around 4 hours to traverse the path, offering a mix of picturesque farmland and bushland landscapes. Perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and running, the trail promises a serene experience. Leashed dogs are welcome to join you on this adventure.


As you navigate the loop, enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape and distant snow-capped mountains, following a series of scenic roads that enhance the overall beauty of the journey. This outdoor escapade near Cygnet is a delightful blend of nature, tranquillity, and physical activity.

Shopping and services

Cygnet, Tasmania

Wandering through the lively commercial avenues of Cygnet reveals a charming array of local businesses, each with its own distinctive flair. From boutique shops showcasing handmade crafts to cosy cafes exuding a rustic charm, the town invites exploration at a leisurely pace.


Step into Near and Far, a store that captivates with its visual charm from the moment you enter. Catering to both locals and visitors, the store offers a curated selection of homewares, clothing, accessories, toys, and eco-friendly products. Embracing a diverse range, Near and Far takes pride in featuring products that span from ancient traditional designs to the latest contemporary offerings. Explore a fusion of local and global influences, bringing you a unique shopping experience that blends the best of both worlds.


Discover the charm of 2 Sew Haberdashery, a hidden gem that beckons you to ascend its staircase and enter a whimsical world of sewing materials, Liberty fabrics from London, crocheted and knitted treasures, cross stitch kits, and more. This quaint store invites you to explore a fairyland of creativity, making every visit a delightful journey into the artistry of needlecraft.


Econiche stands as a conscientious and ethically-driven establishment, curating an eclectic mix of items that transcend the ordinary. Explore their thoughtfully selected range, featuring unique cards, meticulously crafted woodwork pieces, handcrafted candles, and an array of gardening tools and plants. At Econiche, they are passionate about all things recycled, handmade, and undeniably beautiful.


Discover a diverse selection at Three Twigs, where linen and cotton clothing, homewares, leather accessories, and jewellery converge in a harmonious blend of style and comfort. Step into this store and leave with a transformed outfit that reflects your unique taste and style. Three Twigs invites you to explore and redefine your wardrobe and home decor with a curated collection that seamlessly combines fashion, functionality, and individual expression.


Refind is a delightful second-hand store brimming with one-off treasures waiting to be discovered and cherished once more! Housing a selection of women's clothing, unique items and second-hand books, it provides a wonderful exploration. Whether you're looking for budget-friendly clothing, unique vintage pieces, or an eco-friendly shopping option, this cosy thrift store offers a rich and diverse shopping experience.


CUCKoO stands as a distinctive haven, fuelled by a profound passion for all things handmade, crafted, and thoughtfully designed. Scouring the corners of Tasmania, and occasionally venturing across Australia and beyond, they meticulously source top-quality items in books and paper goods, home essentials, wearables, art and craft supplies, and anything that aligns with the "make and create" ethos. Step into this enchanting store and immerse yourself in a world bursting with vibrant hues and delightful creations. Navigating through this wondrous space and learning the stories behind the creations, brimming with colour and charm, is an adventure in itself.


Additional vibrant businesses await your discovery along the town's main street. From Cellarbrations, a well-stocked bottle shop and liquor store, to the quality cuts at M&D Butchery Port Cygnet, and the treasures waiting to be found at Trove, an antique store, the offerings are diverse. Further along, you'll encounter Farah's IGA Cygnet, Port Cygnet Grocer, Cygnet Newsagency, and Cygnet Garden Larder, providing convenience and local flavours. The Bower Tasmania presents a unique selection for footwear enthusiasts, while Cygnet Mitre 10 satisfies DIY needs. Explore Vinnies for second-hand finds, enjoy grooming services at Chop Shop Cygnet and Cygnet Haircutters, and address automotive needs at Cygnet Auto Repairs. This bustling street captures the essence of community life, offering a variety of services and stores for residents and visitors alike.

Dining and cafes

The Port Hole Cafe, Cygnet, Tasmania

The Port Hole Cafe stands out as a beloved local hotspot, boasting a delectable array of scrumptious treats and dishes. Noteworthy is their considerate inclusion of a variety of gluten and dairy-free options, catering to the diverse needs of their customers. Enjoy the inviting outdoor setting, complete with picnic tables, where you can relish your meal while children explore the surroundings. Alternatively, discover a cosy nook indoors to soak in the charming ambience and catch up on the latest local gossip. The Port Hole Cafe not only tantalises taste buds and provides aromatic pots of tea but also a welcoming space for community connection.


For an exceptional and truly memorable experience, a reservation at the Conservatory Café in Cygnet Old Bank is a must! The ambience exudes comfort, beauty, and an irresistible allure of all things delectable. Whether it's the thoughtful seasonal decorations gracing your table or the exceptional warmth emanating from the attentive staff, every detail contributes to a sense of homey familiarity that will surely entice you to return. Beyond the inviting atmosphere, the culinary delights served are both delicious and generously portioned, adding a flavourful dimension to your dining experience. Immerse yourself in the pleasure of exquisite dining where every aspect, from service to the ambience, elevates your visit to the Conservatory Café into an extraordinary occasion.


At the Red Velvet Lounge Cafe, owned and operated by the dedicated team of Ben and Kate, a commitment to excellence is woven into every culinary creation. With a focus on showcasing the finest seasonal, local, and sustainable ingredients, they promise an experience that is delicious and heart-warming. Whether you are seeking a delightful breakfast, a tempting morning tea, or the flavourful experience of their Friday Night Dinners and famous pizzas, Ben and Kate want you to have a culinary journey that leaves a lasting impression.


Moreover, the Red Velvet Lounge Cafe extends its hospitality beyond regular dining, offering versatile options for special occasions. From weddings to product launches, workshops, private functions, and catering services, Ben and Kate are happy to host any event with their signature blend of passion and culinary expertise.


Also, along the bustling main street of Cygnet, other diverse culinary delights await you. From the authentic flavours of Cygnet Japanese Diner to the nostalgic appeal of Roy's Bitz of Old Pizza, the award-winning pies at Jacky's Cafe, and the convenient option of Cygnet Take-Away, this stretch offers a mix of dining options that grace the main street, each promising a unique culinary experience in the heart of Cygnet.

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Local Schools

St James Catholic College, Cygnet, Tasmania

Cygnet Primary School accommodates students from Kindergarten to Year 6, offering outstanding facilities and a nurturing educational environment. The school's commitment to holistic development is evident through amenities like the breakfast club, designed to ensure students start their day with the necessary nourishment. Expansive play areas provide physical activity and opportunities for social interaction and creative expression. Complementing these resources are dedicated teachers who prioritise inclusivity and celebrate the diverse heritage and cultural backgrounds of their students.


Nestled in the charming town of Cygnet, surrounded by the picturesque Huon Valley, St James Catholic College extends a warm welcome to students from Kindergarten to Year 10. Established in 1896 by the Sisters of St Joseph, the school has evolved into St James Catholic College since 2008, becoming an integral part of the community. With ongoing improvements, including new buildings and refurbishments, the college stands as a testament to its commitment to providing quality education in a serene and scenic setting.

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