Is staging a home for sale worth it?

Can you maximise your sale price by professional property styling?

September 2023 | By Fall Real Estate | 15 Minute Read | Tags: Guide, Sell

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  • What is digital styling, and how will it benefit the sale of my property?
  • Are there times when hiring a professional property stylist is unnecessary?
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If you want to maximize the sale price of your investment property or home in today's market, it's worth considering hiring a professional property stylist. Preparing a home for sale involves more than just cleaning up and rearranging furniture. The goal is to create a "wow" factor that will give you a competitive edge over other properties for sale in the area.


Perhaps you don't have the time, imagination, or design skills to style your property yourself, or maybe you live in a different state. Hiring a professional stylist to prepare your property for sale could be the solution you're looking for.


You might be wondering what staging your property for sale entails, what the benefits are, and whether there are other options available. In the following sections, we will answer these questions and provide recommendations for property stylists.


However, it's important to note that professional styling may not be suitable for everyone. We believe in a customized approach, so we recommend speaking with a Fall Real Estate property agent to determine whether it's the right fit for you and your property.

What is staging a home for sale?

How can a professional property stylist help sell your property through staging or styling your home?

Fall Real Estate Is staging a home for sale worth it?

When it comes to selling your home, making it irresistible to potential buyers is key. Home staging or property styling is all about showcasing your property's unique features and making it stand out from the rest.


A skilled property stylist will carefully select furniture, artwork, and colour schemes to create an inviting atmosphere that appeals to a broad audience.


A property stylist can do as much or as little as you would like, assisting you with various tasks, depending on your needs. They can change light fixtures and wall art, update your decor with staged furniture, create a cozy atmosphere, and even rearrange your space to captivate potential buyers.


Many property stylists offer instant quotes based on key information such as the number and size of rooms you want styled, your time frame, and expectations. This allows you to determine if home staging is feasible and within your budget.


If you are interested in hiring a property stylist, your Fall property agent can help make the necessary arrangements.

"Styling a property for sale is an investment that reaps great rewards. Creating a welcoming vibe and vision is paramount to achieving an exceptional result."

What our agents say:

Kelly Fall and Jo Brownless, Fall Real Estate property agents, regularly team up with Meg and Alex at Home + Style and have witnessed the incredible atmosphere unique to each property that they have styled.


In their opinion, staging or styling your property is a worthwhile endeavour when it is the right fit for your property. Contact a property agent at Fall Real Estate to find out whether styling your property is the direction you should take.

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What is digital home staging?

If you're looking for a unique approach to property styling, you may want to consider digital styling. By inserting virtual furniture and styling images into your empty rooms, you can showcase your property online and in print, attracting potential buyers or investors who may not be able to visit in person.


Peter Clark, a property agent at Fall Real Estate, has successfully used Promote Property to advertise properties for sale. He was particularly impressed with their digital furniture, which looked so realistic that they even put clothes in the wardrobe!

Benefits of staging a home for sale

Let's delve deeper and explore how staging a home for sale can assist in getting the best market price for your home or investment.

Draw in and inspire the target audience

A property stylist will conduct thorough research and engage the targeted audience by incorporating both contemporary and timeless design elements that highlight features of your property.


It's important to understand that there is no universal solution that can be applied to all homes or investments. Each property demands a tailored, thoughtful, and innovative approach to attract and retain the attention of multiple potential buyers.

Highlight the selling points

A property stylist can help you showcase the best features of your property that make it stand out. They have the ability to enhance the existing aspects or identify any gaps and seamlessly fill them in.


Shift Property Styling is a trusted name in property staging for sale. They specialize in creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that gives potential buyers a sense of what it would be like to live in the property.

Allow buyers to envisage purpose

By utilizing the space in your home or property, a styling team will define each room and establish its purpose. This way, when potential buyers enter each room, they can envision its value and function. It's important for buyers to have a clear understanding of how they can utilize each space once they move in.

Create a great first impression

In the world of real estate, the first impression that a potential buyer gets is often online or through physical guides. This is where photos, videos, and virtual walk-throughs come into play.


To create a warm and inviting atmosphere that sparks a desire to see the property, it's important for the real estate photographer to utilize design elements and home staging.


Additionally, a property stylist can work their magic by creating a beautifully styled home that takes the potential buyer on a journey from viewing online to experiencing the space in person, ultimately leading to an offer being made so they can start creating their dream home.

"First impressions can influence a potential purchaser dramatically. Often buyers are doing so with emotion, and therefore, the visual of how the property is presented will, more often than not, determine the outcome. Some buyers also use styled properties to visualise how their own furniture will sit in a property, and this helps with spatial awareness."


- Andrea Cooper, a Fall Real Estate agent, states her experience witnessing the impact of first impressions.

Attract more interest

If you're aiming to get the most out of selling your property, it's best to have multiple buyers interested. One effective approach to achieve this is by staging your home to attract more attention.


By styling your property well, it'll keep buyers engaged and make it a top contender on their list. It's our goal to make sure your potential buyers won't be able to get your property out of their minds!

Allow buyers to easily imagine

When selling your home or investment, it's important to present it in the best possible light. You want potential buyers to envision themselves living there and all the possibilities the space holds.


As they explore the property, they will have practical and emotional questions running through their minds:


Where will my microwave go? Where is the best place for the television? How will my family dinners be here? Do I feel happy, warm and at home in this space?


By presenting the space with functional furniture and decor, buyers won't have to imagine solutions to problems that may arise. Every aspect, from the layout to the lighting to the overall ambience, will work together seamlessly to provide answers to their questions as they explore the space and imagine.

Make the property less personal

Each person has their own unique style and preferences. When it comes to your home, you have the opportunity to showcase your individuality and what you believe constitutes a safe and happy living space.


However, it is important to note that your personal style may not always align with what the target market is seeking in a home. The bold and vibrant colors that you adore may not appeal to potential buyers and may not fetch you the best price for your property. Instead, a neutral color palette can help buyers envision their own belongings in the space.


Deb Dilger, a property agent with Fall Real Estate, offers valuable insights on this topic:

"Property styling gives a feeling of presence! Styling a home softens yet enhances a home's individual character, that at other times may have been interpreted as a flaw."

Evoke an emotional response

The goal of property stylists is to create an emotional connection between potential buyers and the property. By crafting a unique atmosphere and environment, buyers can feel a sense of belonging and attachment to the space. Ideally, buyers should walk into the property and never want to leave.

Show the potential space for each room

Upon entering an empty and plain space, consisting of multiple rooms without any complementary colour, items or decor, the prospective buyer must rely on their imagination to envision the potential of the space. They must consider whether there will be enough room for their bed, couch or dining table.


Property styling can assist buyers in visualising the space and how their own furniture can fit in, as well as providing insight into the placement of furniture if they were to call your property their next home.

Improve the sale price

When investing in a property stylist, the ultimate goal is to increase the sale price of your property. Property agents and stylists have proven time and time again the value of staging a home for sale, not only in achieving the highest possible price but also in reducing the time it takes to sell your property.


A well-styled property that showcases its potential and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere is more likely to attract quick offers from confident buyers. If you're considering property styling, reach out to one of our Fall Real Estate property agents to determine if it's the right choice for you and your property.

Is staging my property within my budget?

The cost of property styling varies depending on home sizes, the number of rooms needed to be styled, and the level of styling required. You have the option to request your property stylist to furnish and style your home completely or make a few alterations to your existing furnishings.


Many property stylists offer an obligation-free quote. The stylist will send you a quote detailing how they can help you at no initial cost and with no obligation to continue.

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When shouldn't I get my property professionally styled?

Determining whether or not to style your property is a highly individual and circumstantial decision, as every property is unique.


To start, it's best to consult with your property agent and discuss your goals. They can advise you on whether professionally styling your home will significantly impact the current market for your property.


Your agent may suggest minor changes to your existing decor or recommend temporarily storing some items to create a more spacious feel.


There are circumstances where professional styling may not be necessary. For instance:

  1. Your property is small and at the lower end of the market price, so a stylist may not provide you with a high return.
  2. Money is tight, so you need to style your home yourself.
  3. You have a natural flair for design and creativity. You would like to style your investment property or home yourself.
  4. Your current decor aligns with the desires of the targeted market, so you may not need to make any changes.


Ultimately, the key to success is to ensure that potential buyers can envision themselves living in your space. This will increase the likelihood of receiving offers and securing a favourable sale price or return on an investment.

Where do you live, and where is everything stored while your property is styled?

In Southern Tasmania, property stylists do not allow residents to live at the property while their items are in place.


Many property stylist companies style properties for sale that are already vacant or where the residents can easily relocate during the marketing campaign, which will last until your property is sold. Our agents have observed that homes that have been styled are more appealing to buyers than empty properties.


If you want to vacate your property, sellers often stay at an Airbnb, shack, or granny flat belonging to friends or family and store their items in a storage unit until the time comes to move into their new home. However, there are no guarantees as to how long it will take to sell your property, so you should be prepared for an extended period if needed and choose your property agent carefully from the outset.


If you are unable to vacate your property during the selling period, you can store your personal items and use your own furniture to style your home. Your property agent can offer ideas and style suggestions for using your items. You may only need to rearrange a few pieces of furniture or get a few second-hand items to bring in a whole new look!


Remember, you do not always need to have your property professionally styled to get the same or similar results, so always check with your property agent first for their professional and experienced advice.

Home Staging Before and After

Property styling in Hobart and beyond

Here are two professional property stylists we recommend for Hobart and the surrounding suburbs.

Meg Clarke and Alex Keys from Home + Style

Home + Style is a boutique company that specialises in furnishing and styling properties in Greater Hobart. Their goal is to enhance the impact and captivation of these properties, ultimately resulting in a quick sale for the highest possible price on the real estate market.

Shift Property Styling

Shift Property Styling is located in Hobart and specialises in turning your property into a warm and inviting home that is ready for sale or rent-ready.


With their classic and intelligent styling, you can sell your home at a faster rate and for a higher price. Their primary goal is to highlight the lifestyle potential, while also encouraging an emotional response from potential buyers as soon as they step inside.

"It is proven time and time again that if something is aesthetically pleasing it is more sought after. Thus, incorporating our experienced stylists, both Home + Style, and Shift by Design, has assisted my vendors in achieving that higher sales result."


- Deb Dilger, property agent from Fall Real Estate

Digital styling | Promote Property

Elevate your listing to new heights with Promote Property's top-notch Virtual Styling service, which has quickly become one of their most sought-after offerings. This service takes the hassle out of the equation for all homeowners wanting to sell fast.

What next?

We recommend booking a complimentary appraisal by one of our professional and qualified property agents who can take a thorough look through your property and give you a road map to the sale of your property.


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