Selling your house at Easter time

Should you sell your home during the Easter break?

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When is the perfect time to sell your property so you get the best sale price in the current market? Is that time now? Will Easter be the perfect time to sell your home and help you to achieve your goals?


Should you jump in and seize the moment, or should you wait and be patient?


Many of our clients ask themselves these questions hoping to find the exact moment to put their house on the market to attract the most buyers and the highest sales price for their property.


Helping you to make this decision is what we are here for. Our Fall property agents know the market during Easter, and by working with you, we know your goals and the characteristics and features of your property.


Before deciding to declutter, renovate or sell your property during Easter time, contact one of our professional property agents to help make the decision process stress-free.


From reading our informative article below about selling your house at Easter time, and with guidance from one of our property agents, you will feel confident when deciding whether to sell your property during Easter break or wait for a better time to enter the property market!

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Our property agents know the Easter market

Everyone wants to sell their property at the ideal time, so we have written five tips for considering whether selling at Easter is the best fit for you and your property. However, our property agents know the ever-changing market and, from experience, can provide you with the most current market advice to help you decide the best time to sell your property.


Contact one of our experienced and professional property agents for the most up-to-date advice in today's market.

1. Less competition - fewer buyers and fewer properties

Sometimes less is more! This can be true when putting your property on the market. If fewer properties are advertised during Easter time - especially those with the same characteristics and features as your property - the more desirable your property will become.


The property agent may also be aware of a large group of buyers wanting the type of property you are about to sell. Having fewer properties for sale during Easter may mean more competition for your property.

2. Research

Part of knowing whether it is the right time to sell during the Easter break is knowing and understanding the trends, the past outcomes and the current movements of the property market in the area you are selling.


Your property agent will research the current properties on the market and understand the trends of your property’s suburb and surrounding areas during Easter time to determine the likelihood of success.


Your agent will also be able to inform you of how many properties with the same features and characteristics are currently listed in the property market and the current level of competition amongst buyers for the particular property you are selling.

3. More serious buyers

While you may have fewer buyers around at Easter time, you will have the more serious buyers ready to make an offer. You are also less likely to have unreasonable or limited offers if your property is priced correctly at the current market value.


Your property agent will have their own list of serious buyers to contact to encourage more offers to be put on the table during the Easter break!

4. Be ready to sell at Easter

Consider whether you are ready to sell your property practically and mentally by reading our article: how to know it is time to sell your home and implementing our practical guide about preparing your house ready for sale - you will be ready to sell in no time!


If you are ready to sell your house, discuss with your property agent the practical steps you need to take for your property to be prepared to sell by Easter time.


You and your professional agent can discuss whether you should wait for a better moment in order for your property to be completely ready or if the perfect time is over the Easter break!

5. Weather conditions

Easter time can have beautiful sunny days - highlighting your view, your expansive piece of land and the native wildlife is plentiful. The exterior features of your property are begging to be seen during the Autumn months, and the warmth and sunlight in your home will be loved by anyone who walks through the door.


People buy and sell all year round, and while different seasons can highlight particular features of your home, our property agents are equipped with the skills and knowledge to help you present your property in the best light, no matter the season.


You can also read our guide to selling and buying at Christmas time - we explain the benefits of buying and selling a house at Christmas.

Fall Real Estate is here to help!

Your success is our success

Fall Real Estate and our professional and experienced property agents are here to help make your decisions easier.


Discuss the ideal selling time for you and your property with one of our Fall agents, no matter your situation, goals or property type. Our property agents have immense experience in selling at this time and have refined strategies to ensure you still get the best price possible, no matter the time of year!


We will make it happen when you are ready to sell!

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