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Blackmans Bay, Tasmania, Suburb Profile

Explore the enchanting allure of Blackmans Bay, a coastal haven where tranquillity meets vibrancy. Immerse yourself in the laid-back lifestyle and soak up the festive ambience that defines this charming seaside suburb.


Blackmans Bay invites you to discover a perfect harmony of coastal serenity and welcoming locals, making it a destination where every moment feels like a cherished escape.

Where is Blackmans Bay, Tasmania?

Blackmans Bay, just 2 kilometres southeast of the town of Kingston and 13.5 kilometres south of the Hobart CBD, is picking up the pace in popularity amongst families, dog lovers and beach fanatics.


Postcode of 7050, Tasmania

Blackmans Bay, Tasmania to Hobart: 13.5km / 16 minutes

Population of 1,990 people

Real estate in Blackmans Bay

Blackmans Bay Tasmania

Blackmans Bay presents a diverse tapestry of homes, ranging from newly constructed residences to meticulously renovated classics. The gentle sea breeze that graces the neighbourhood provides a refreshing start to each day, courtesy of the proximity to the beach. These homes are strategically placed to take full advantage of the convenient amenities in this charming coastal suburb, making it an ideal place to call home.


In this picturesque locale, houses seamlessly blend modern design with traditional charm. Expansive windows in many residences invite the captivating landscapes indoors, enabling residents to relish the scenic surroundings. Homes in Blackmans Bay showcase a spectrum of architectural styles, ranging from contemporary designs to those embracing classic elements. The coveted coastal location inspires a focus on open living spaces and carefully crafted outdoor areas, creating an ideal haven for families and those seeking the serenity of coastal living.


Sun filled units and modern townhouses are highly coveted for their contemporary amenities, comfort, and privacy. These residences exude a retreat-like ambience, allowing residents to bask in natural sunlight streaming through expansive windows. Recently renovated units boast character and charm, featuring spacious living areas, elegant wall panelling, cosy fireplaces, and the convenience of free-standing ovens, culminating in an inviting and stylish living experience.


Scattered throughout Blackmans Bay are renovation-ready homes, presenting a unique opportunity for purchasers or investors to transform these properties into dream homes. Here, individuals can bring their visions to life, selecting their preferred style and elements to craft a personalised and ideal lifestyle home. This added option enriches the housing landscape, offering a canvas for creative endeavours and the realisation of bespoke living spaces within the charming coastal ambience of Blackmans Bay.


Perched atop the hills, numerous homes in Blackmans Bay offer splendid views, creating a picturesque setting. Nestled around the heart of Blackmans Bay Beach, properties strategically leverage the nearly flat landscape, allowing residents the luxury of a stroll to the beach. Meanwhile, homes situated along the cliffs revel in breathtaking, expansive water views, adding an extra layer of awe-inspiring natural beauty to the charm of this coastal community.

Blackmans Bay Suburb Profile

1/15-17 Opal Drive, Blackmans Bay, Tas, 7052

SOLD - $545,000

February 2024

Blackmans Bay Suburb Profile

66 Diamond Drive, Blackmans Bay, Tas, 7052

SOLD - 940,000

July 2023

Blackmans Bay property sold by Fall Real Estate in 2023

2 Sandra Drive, Blackmans Bay, Tas, 7052

SOLD - $1,330,000

May 2023

Blackmans Bay house sold by Fall Real Estate

52 Diamond Drive, Blackmans Bay, Tas, 7052

SOLD - $1,083,000

February 2023

Transport availability in Blackmans Bay

Blackmans Bay is a short drive to the main shopping centre in Kingston, Channel Court, or a healthy walk up or down the hill to the Hill Street Grocer Blackmans Bay.


Metro provides a bus service that runs through Blackmans Bay at affordable daily fares. A not-for-profit organisation also offers door-to-door transport for people over 65 and those with disabilities.


You can contact Metro on the information hotline - 13 22 01 or visit their office in Hobart or Moonah for the timetable and service information.

Things to do

Discover the allure of the Blackmans Bay Beach Walk, a fantastic 1.9km community trail that offers an easy out-and-back route, typically taking around 25 minutes to complete. This trail caters to various preferences and is ideal for running, leisurely strolls, and accommodating prams. Witness the vibrant local community as residents often cycle, scoot, or skateboard along the track. Dog lovers will appreciate that the path welcomes leashed pets, and for those seeking an extended journey, the option to continue the walk along the cliffs on either side of the beach adds to the scenic adventure.


As you traverse the trail, you'll encounter Blackmans Bay Park, nestled beside convenient public toilets, a BBQ shelter, expansive grass areas, and inviting picnic tables. This well-appointed space offers a perfect blend of amenities for a delightful outing. Children, accompanied by family and friends, often engage in playful activities, seamlessly transitioning between the park, the sandy beach, and paddling in the waves, creating a lively and enjoyable morning for all.

Blackmans Bay park and waterfront walking track
Fall Real Estate Suburb Profile - Blackmans Bay

On the opposite side of the road, you will encounter the local Blackmans Bay Skate Park—a recreational facility designed for skateboarders, inline skaters, and BMX riders to hone their skills. The skate park offers a variety of ramps, rails, and bowls, providing diverse elements that cater to different skill levels and styles of riding. The ramps can range from simple slopes to more complex structures, allowing riders to perform a variety of tricks and manoeuvres.


Enjoy family fun at Olde Time Portraits in Blackmans Bay, Hobart, Tasmania—now available by appointment. Renowned photographer Helena Blundell, known for her work with Tasmanian Life Magazine, brings her expertise to a new studio at her home in Blackmans Bay. With over 200 costumes and captivating props, step back in time with themes like Classic Victorian, Wild West, and Gangster. The studio also offers Cake Smash Sessions for children's first birthdays and specialises in children's photography.


Shurberd Park, located in Blackmans Bay, serves as a sporting grounds facility managed by the Kingborough Council for community use. While generally open to the public, the grounds are available for seasonal or casual bookings by sporting groups. You can submit an online form to secure Shurberd Park for casual or out-of-season use.


At the top of Woodlands Drive, Burwood Park is an enchanting spot tailored for young children. The thoughtfully enclosed playground encourages nature and imaginative play, featuring a picnic area and a convenient drinking fountain. It's worth noting that while the park offers these amenities, there are currently no public toilets or BBQ facilities available.


Explore Blackmans Bay firsthand to determine if it's your ideal home by staying at The Beach Apartments, where you can unwind and take in the breathtaking ocean views. For more information about Blackmans Bay and available properties on the market, contact our team today. Let us assist you in finding your next dream home.

Nature and recreation spots

Blackmans Bay Beach

Blackmans Bay features a 700 m wide east-facing semi-circular bay, home to the picturesque Blackmans Bay Beach. Sheltered by its orientation and the southern Flowerpot Point, the beach enjoys low waves, creating a steep reflective shoreline that transforms into a low tide terrace at the northern end during higher waves. The backdrop includes a low grassy foredune, Ocean Esplanade, a spacious northern car park, and charming houses of Blackmans Bay nestled behind, offering a serene coastal living experience.


Embark on the Tinderbox Hill Tracks, starting in Blackmans Bay, for a scenic journey through open bushland along the ridgeline. Enjoy breathtaking views across Storm Bay and North West Bay. Extend your adventure through a private reserve to Mt Louis Rd or opt for the return route.


Heading south on Tinderbox Road in Blackmans Bay, you can take a left at the immediate intersection after Suncoast Drive, marked by a sign indicating the Dog Exercise Area. You will discover the dog exercise area boasting stunning sea views. On-site amenities include a doggy bin, bags, two bench-style seats, a sizable water tank for canine hydration, an agility table, weaving poles, and newly planted trees. This spot offers an ideal environment for dogs and their owners to engage in exercise and socialise.


Fossil Cove unveils itself as a hidden treasure, a delightful discovery you will be glad you found. A brief stroll leads down a series of gently descending steps through airy bushland, unveiling the picturesque cove with panoramic vistas of the Iron Pot lighthouse. Embraced by a substantial rock archway on one side and an intriguing wave-cut platform filled with fossils on the other, both await exploration during low tide. The surrounding kelp beds make snorkelling popular, particularly in favourable weather conditions.

Dining and cafes

Blackmans Bay Tasmania

The Beach House stands as a beloved choice for locals, a culinary haven that has won the hearts of many. Open daily, it caters to a variety of preferences with a diverse menu spanning breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you're meeting friends for a steaming cup of coffee or indulging in a delectable evening dessert, The Beach House has you covered. Their extensive menu not only accommodates diverse tastes but also includes a wide array of gluten-free options, ensuring a satisfying experience for all, with additional offerings for vegetarians and vegans.


Bombay on the Beach invites guests to savour the soulful delights of traditional Indian cuisine. Renowned for bold curries, masterful cooking, and exquisite desserts, the restaurant blends the essence of India with the freshest Tasmanian produce. Operated by a passionate family-run team, the menu caters to diverse dietary preferences, including vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and halal options. Whether dining in for a lively atmosphere and playful cocktails or ordering from the comfort of home, Bombay on the Beach promises a delicious experience that surprises the senses and feeds the soul.


In the same establishment, you will discover the Fish and Grill Hub, which offers an array of delectable seafood dishes to satisfy your cravings! Before you depart, treat yourself to a refreshing ice cream to enjoy while strolling along the picturesque coastline, savouring both the scenery and the delightful flavours of your dessert.


In transitioning from bustling Melbourne to a serene coastal life, Jack (Boy) and Red (Girl) discovered their own enchanting fairy tale by entering the restaurant business in Blackmans Bay. They marvelled at starlit skies from their new balcony and embraced the magic of sunrises over crashing waves. Soon, their restaurant, Jack Loves Red, was born—a journey in Blackmans Bay with love in their hearts. Join them for pizza, burgers, pasta and more.


Indulge in an array of scrumptious, authentic Japanese cuisine at Sushi Zanmai, where you can savour delectable sushi and more. With plenty of gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options, your dining experience promises to be satisfying and convenient!


If you're in Blackmans Bay, don't miss out on Banjo's Bakery Cafe! They have everything from savoury snacks to sweet treats and top-notch coffee, all served in a modern vibe.

Shopping and services

Bayview Market in Blackmans Bay Tasmania

Visit the charming Bayview Market nestled in the shape of a horseshoe in the heart of town! Here, you will find a delightful array of shops catering to most needs. Need fresh produce? Look no further than Hill Street, where you'll discover the finest fruits, vegetables, and gourmet goodies. Stay updated on local news and handle your postal needs at Blackmans Bay News and Post. For all your health and wellness essentials, Terry White Chemmart has you covered with a wide selection of pharmaceuticals and health products. And when it's time to unwind, swing by Cellarbrations to pick up your favourite beverages. With its unique layout and diverse offerings, this horseshoe-shaped market is worth exploring.


Just up the road, Bayview Tyre and Auto boasts a team of seasoned mechanics well-versed in various automotive services. From expert tyre selection and fitting to precise wheel alignments, their expertise ensures optimal performance and safety on the road. Specialising in mechanical services and repairs, including brakes, batteries, and suspension, Bayview Tyre and Auto delivers reliable solutions to keep vehicles running smoothly.


Also available to keep your car running are Blackmans Bay Motors, serving the Hobart community for over 20 years; they offer top-notch automotive services. From its humble origins, the business has evolved into one of Tasmania's most advanced automotive centres. Focused on technology and exceptional customer service, their skilled professionals are equipped to assist with all automotive needs.


Not too far away, Kingston Plaza and Channel Court Shopping Centre, both located in Kingston, provide locals with their everyday necessities, where you can shop more, including Coles and Woolworths, the local post office and pharmacies, Big W, Just Cuts, Jeans West, Flight Centre, General Practice Plus, and Breadd.

Are you a local business?

If you own a business in Blackmans Bay or Southern Tasmania, we would love to showcase it in our suburb profiles. Please send us an email ( and tell us about your business, what makes it unique, and why we should feature it.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Illawarra Primary School in Blackmans Bay Tasmania

Blackmans Bay Primary School boasts lush natural surroundings with native flora and fauna. This K-6 co-educational school offers a nurturing environment for all learners, emphasising the arts—drama, music, and art—aligned closely with its core values. The school's mission is to foster critical thinking, effective communication, and responsibility within each student, empowering them to thrive.


Illawarra Primary School, with 430 students, partners closely with families to foster growth in their students. Their core values of Safety, Fairness, and Caring guide them. From the Launching into Learning Program to their extension programs, they offer a nurturing environment where children thrive.


Blackmans Bay is also close to St Aloysius, Channel Christian School, Calvin Christian School and Southern Christian College – co-educational private schools catering to primary and secondary education.

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