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Bruny Island, Suburb Profile

Experience Bruny Island for yourself, where adventure and seaside allure blend seamlessly. In sought-after Adventure Bay, immerse yourself in amenities like local cafes and stores, while nearby South Bruny National Park offers stunning walks and wildlife encounters. With easy access to Hobart via a regular ferry and a short drive from Kettering, this island retreat beckons both homeowners seeking tranquillity and entrepreneurs eyeing the vibrant tourism scene. Embrace Bruny Island, where relaxation and opportunity await.

Where is Bruny Island, Tasmania?

Discover the captivating beauty of Bruny Island, a serene 362-square-kilometre oasis nestled off the southeastern coast of Tasmania, Australia. Separated from the mainland by the tranquil D'Entrecasteaux Channel, its eastern shores kiss the Tasman Sea, offering a breathtaking escape into untouched natural splendour.


Postcode: 7150, Tasmania

Travel time: Bruny Island, Tasmania, to Hobart CBD approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes (take into consideration needing to travel by ferry)

Population: of 813 in the 2016 Census

Size: of Bruny Island is approximately 362 square kilometres.

Real estate on Bruny Island

Bruny Island, Tasmania, Fall Real Estate

Welcome to Bruny Island, where each property tells a story of serenity, nostalgia, and coastal charm. Whether you're seeking a historic retreat steeped in family memories or a contemporary haven with panoramic views, Bruny Island offers an array of properties to enchant and captivate.


North Bruny hosts five inhabited coastal communities: Apollo Bay, Barnes Bay, Dennes Point, Great Bay, and Killora. Meanwhile, South Bruny accommodates four enclaves: Adventure Bay, Alonnah, Lunawanna, and Simpsons Bay.


In the heart of Dennes Point, homes and shacks stand as a testament to time, boasting a rich history with many spanning over six decades or perhaps more. With their rustic authenticity and idyllic setting, these cherished Tasmanian havens invite you to unwind amidst lush gardens and stunning channel views.


Imagine stepping onto a veranda or sunroom, basking in the sun's warmth while gazing at the mesmerizing water and distant mountain vistas. Many properties with direct access to Nebraska Beach, just a stone's throw away, offer the perfect blend of nostalgia and coastal living.


Newly built properties present a striking architectural masterpiece for those drawn to modern elegance. Homes harmoniously merge with a minimalist charm and panoramic views, offering a retreat that redefines luxury coastal living.


From the state-of-the-art kitchen with waterfall benches to the flexible floor plan, every detail exudes sophistication and functionality. You could find yourself relaxing in the spacious living area bathed in natural light or entertaining guests on the expansive decks; these properties embody contemporary coastal living at its finest.


Whether it's the classic allure or the modern elegance, Bruny Island beckons with its diverse range of properties, each promising a unique experience amidst the island's natural wonders. You might seek tranquillity, adventure, or a place to call home; Bruny Island offers you that slice of paradise.

Featured Bruny Island properties sold by Fall Real Estate:

Dennes Point, Bruny Island, Tasmania

35 Nebraska Road,
Dennes Point, Tas, 7150

SOLD - $780k

February 2024

Adventure Bay, Bruny Island, Fall Real Estate, Suburb Profile

966 Adventure Bay Road, Adventure Bay, Tas, 7150

SOLD - $660k

February 2024

15 Serena Road, Adventure Bay | Suburb Profile | Fall Real Estate

15 Serena Road, Adventure Bay, Tas, 7150

SOLD - $376k

January 2024

218 Nebraska Road, Dennes Point, Bruny Island

218 Nebraska Road,
Dennes Point, Tas, 7150

SOLD - $520k

January 2024

Transport availability in Bruny Island

Sealink Bruny Island, Tasmania, Fall Real Estate

Several transportation options are available for travelling to Bruny Island, including by Ferry or using your boat or yacht. When travelling around Bruny Island, you can use your car, bike, and walk. There is no public transport but there are many tour groups that frequent the Island should you want to visit without your own transport.


Sealink Bruny Island operates two state-of-the-art catamaran-style ferries, Parrabah and Nairana. These ferries, the first of their kind in the Southern Hemisphere, are specifically designed for the Bruny Island route, offering both locals and tourists the convenience of transporting their vehicle while enjoying air-conditioned comfort and scenic views from the passenger cabins, outdoor deck, and onboard facilities.

Things to do

Cape Bruny Lighthouse, Bruny Island, Tasmania, Suburb Profile, Fall Real Estate


The Neck and Truganini Lookout


A visit to Truganini Lookout at The Neck is essential when exploring Bruny Island. The Neck, a narrow strip of land linking the island's north and south ends, offers stunning 360-degree views accessible via a 300-step climb up the dunes. From the lookout, visitors can admire the surrounding waters, Bruny Island, and mainland Tasmania. This area is a vital habitat for native wildlife, including short-tailed shearwaters and little penguins, best observed from boardwalks and viewing platforms during the warmer months between September and February.


Cape Bruny Lighthouse


Explore this secluded and historically significant lighthouse boasting breathtaking views of the wild Tasmanian coastline. Ascend the ornate wrought iron spiral staircase to the balcony and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring scenery. Delve deeper into the lighthouse's history with Cape Bruny Lighthouse Tours. During the tours, you will discover the tales of shipwrecks, the challenges faced by lighthouse keepers, and the narratives reflecting the rich history of Bruny Island. These accounts and insights are drawn from the experiences of some of Tasmania's final authentic lighthouse keepers.


South Bruny National Park


South Bruny National Park is renowned for its stunning coastal landscapes. Towering cliffs overlook the Southern Ocean, with Cape Bruny Lighthouse providing a historic viewpoint. Explore the park on foot to encounter diverse birdlife and breathtaking vistas.


Cloudy Beach


Cloudy Bay is popular for surfing and leisurely walks, offering chances to spot migrating whales. The tranquil waters can also be perfect for swimming, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. With its 5-kilometer stretch, the beach serves as a serene camping destination, ideal for a peaceful getaway.


A Bruny Island Cruise


Embark on a journey beside Australia's tallest sea cliffs, gliding beneath towering formations and approaching the awesome 'Breathing Rock' up close. Explore the deep sea caves of Bruny Island, navigate through the narrow passage near 'The Monument,' and feel the raw force of nature where the Tasman Sea converges with the mighty Southern Ocean. Participate in spotting the rich coastal wildlife, including seals, dolphins, migrating whales, and seabirds, guided by passionate interpreters dedicated to ensuring a fun, educational, and entertaining experience.

Bruny Island Honey


For over 20 years, Bruny Island Honey has been collecting honey from its 400 hives scattered across the island. Bees are moved to different areas to gather nectar, producing various flavours like Prickly Box, Manuka, Bush, and Leatherwood. They also pollinate the Black Devil Cherry Orchard annually. Located just 20 minutes from the ferry terminal, visitors can enjoy free tastings, observe bees in action, and purchase pure Tasmanian honey, honey treats, skincare, beeswax products, and Leatherwood honey ice cream.


Bruny Island Raspberry Farm


Located amidst the untamed wilderness in Adventure Bay, this sustainable and environmentally conscious raspberry farm offers a unique experience. They also provide a selection of homemade preserves and treats crafted from produce grown on-site.


Inala Jurassic Garden, Nature Museum & Giftshop


Discover the enchantment of Inala Jurassic Garden, Nature Museum & Giftshop. Explore five acres of ancient plant groups and uncover a global collection of seashells, fossils, and gemstones in the nature museum. You can also visit the nature-themed gift shop, where treasures await. Admission stands at $10 for adults and $5 for children. Crafted by Tonia using local Jurassic dolerite boulders and themed garden art, the garden boasts a winding pathway with fun 'dinosaur' footprints. Explore plants grown together to highlight their similarities. Come for a memorable adventure through nature's history and beauty.


Art Untamed


Visiting Kate at Art Untamed offers a unique opportunity to explore a diverse range of artistic creations. With expertise in ceramics, jewellery, books, wall art, and more, Kate Morton's portfolio will surely captivate art enthusiasts. Conveniently located at 15 Main Rd, Dennes Point, on Bruny Island, a visit to Art Untamed promises to inspire and delight.


Discover the heartbeat of local life at Adventure Bay General Store, the sole general store in town. Stay connected with the community by following their Facebook Page, where you'll find updates on upcoming masses held on the island and what fresh fish will be delivered on Fridays! Join in the celebration alongside friendly locals by staying informed through their page.

Nature and recreation spots

Bruny Island, Tasmania, Suburb Profile, Fall Real Estate


With a plethora of picturesque trails winding through diverse landscapes, each offering its own unique charm and allure, the toughest decision might just be selecting which captivating path to embark upon first.


Alonnah Foreshore Walk


The Alonnah Foreshore Walk offers a scenic hour-long return journey, tracing back to Bruny Island's early settlement era. Following the old rock-walled carriageway between Sheepwash Bay and Alonnah, walkers encounter remnants of early settlers' presence since the 1850s, including sawyers' camps and stone piles. The track meanders through the coastal bush, revealing the island's indigenous heritage with Alonnah, named by the Nuennone Aboriginal people. It's a serene exploration of history and natural beauty in one of Tasmania's most captivating locations.


Bligh Point Walk


Embark on the enchanting Bligh Point Walk, a delightful blend of a leisurely beach stroll and thrilling rock hopping adventure, best experienced at half tide or lower. Commencing from either the signpost at 192 Nebraska Road or the convenient car park beside Stiffy's Creek, this journey unveils the natural wonders of Nebraska Beach and Bligh Point. Along the way, marvel at the sandstone cliffs adorned with intricate patterns, sculpted over time by the relentless forces of nature. Be sure to time your exploration wisely, as the walk is most safely undertaken at half tide or less, ensuring an enjoyable and secure experience. As you progress towards Bligh Point, the terrain becomes more challenging, offering a thrilling yet rewarding endeavour for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.


Cape Queen Elizabeth Walk


Begin an adventure starting along the wide track adjacent to Bruny Island's airstrip, weaving between Big Lagoon and Little Lagoon, then ascending Mars Bluff for stunning views across The Neck. Descend to the remote Miles Beach, where, if tides allow, you can navigate beneath Mars Bluff's cliffs, encountering exciting alleyways, caves, and an arch. Continuing to the eastern end of the beach, trek through the coastal heath to Cape Queen Elizabeth for sweeping vistas of Adventure Bay and sightings of muttonbird rookeries. Take time to spot local birdlife among the white gums, explore Mars Bluff's rock formations from Neck Beach, and uncover the hidden fisherman's shack in the dunes at Miles Beach's eastern tip.


Building upon this array of walks, Bruny Island offers even more enticing options. From the tranquil Dennes Point Heritage Walk and the rugged East Cloudy Head track to the challenging Fluted Cape circuit, each route promises unique experiences. Enjoy serene strolls along Grass Point's foreshore or Hanssons Beach, or opt for the scenic full-day Labillardiere Peninsula Walk or the condensed Luggaboine Circuit.


For breathtaking views, trek from Mabel Bay to the beach below or immerse yourself in the lush Mavista Rainforest. Seek adventure at Middle Bay's surf beach or summit Mt Mangana. Discover the wonders of Neck Beach/Blighs Rocks' tessellated pavement or the historical significance of Two Tree Point. With an abundance of choices, Bruny Island beckons explorers at every corner, promising countless opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment along the way.

Shopping and services

Situated on Adventure Bay Road, at Adventure Bay General Store, Bruny Island's hub for provisions, visitors will find a good range of food supplies, including fresh vegetables, fruits, frozen meats, and general grocery items. Moreover, Adventure Bay is home to the island's only cash point, ATM, and fuel station. The General Store is a one-stop shop operated by local owners, offering groceries, takeaway food, coffee, and fishing gear. Fridays are a highlight with the arrival of fresh fish; each Friday features a different array of fish, including a mouthwatering selection of Pink Ling, Blue Eye Trevalla, Barramundi, and Flathead.


The Bruny Island Medical Centre, situated on School Rd in Alonnah, operates from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, providing essential healthcare services. For inquiries or appointments, individuals can contact them at 6293 1143.


In Alonnah, residents and visitors can find the Police Station, Post Office, and Pharmacy conveniently located on the Main Road. Adjacent to the Post Office, a History Room awaits exploration, offering intriguing insights into Bruny Island's rich heritage and past.


The Bruny Baker represents a fascinating blend of mystery, charm, and old-fashioned simplicity with its vintage roadside fridge. Once daily, this refrigerator is stocked with freshly baked sourdough and cookies, attracting both travellers and locals who pull over to make purchases. Operating on an honesty system, each item is carefully labelled with handwritten prices on paper packaging. The fridge is replenished daily, solidifying its reputation as a must-visit destination on the island over the past three years.

Dining and cafes

Get Shucked, Bruny Island Tasmania, Fall Real Estate


Bruny Island Wild


To help decide whether Bruny Island is your next home or your shack, you should visit Bruny Island Wild for a unique culinary experience amidst stunning natural surroundings. Overlooking the D'entrecasteaux Channel, this architecturally designed venue houses a café, a multi-purpose room, an art room filled with artistic pieces, and an incredible selection of ice cream for the kids. It caters to various events and offers a menu focused on fresh, local produce. Guests can relax on the deck or by the fire while enjoying the tranquil ambience. Bruny Island Wild embodies eco-consciousness and community support, sourcing locally and minimising environmental impact. Booking ahead is recommended.


Get Shucked


For a taste of oceanic freshness, tourists should head to Get Shucked, a locally owned and operated oyster farm and bar situated in the heart of Bruny Island. Here, visitors can indulge in an authentic oyster experience, with oysters harvested, shucked, and plated daily. The process begins with sourcing 40mm oysters from Tasmanian nursery farms, which are then nurtured in the pristine waters of the D'Entrecasteaux channel until they grow into plump 70mm or larger delicacies. Suspended from long float lines, these oysters continuously filter nutrients from the surrounding water, resulting in a full-bodied, sweet-flavoured Pacific oyster. Positioned in the centre of Great Bay, Get Shucked benefits from nutrient-rich tides and currents, ensuring top-quality produce for guests to savour.


Bruny Island Cheese & Beer Co.


Bruny Island Cheese & Beer Co. comprises a team of passionate artisans, including cheesemakers, farmers, bakers, and brewers. Their products are uniquely Tasmanian, encapsulating the essence of their origin and the people behind their creation. With a dedication to tradition and uncompromising methods, they craft small-batch productions that reflect the seasonality of their environment. Founded by Nick Haddow in 2003, the company originated from his extensive experience working with cheese makers worldwide. In 2016, they expanded their offerings to include craft beer, using locally sourced ingredients and a keen awareness of Tasmania's seasons and preferences. Their dairy farm exemplifies sustainable, small-scale dairy farming, prioritising animal welfare and milk quality.


Indulge in a myriad of flavours awaiting discovery on Bruny Island. From the delectable offerings of the Bruny Island Chocolate Company to the delights of the Bruny Island Gateway, House of Whisky, Premium Wines, Cider and Restaurant, Hotel Bruny, and Bruny Island Cider, every taste bud finds its match. Don't miss the unique experience at Spirit of Bruny, where the island's essence comes to life with every sip.

Are you a local business?

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Bruny Island schools

Bruny Island District School, situated in the scenic town of Alonnah on South Bruny, is Australia's southernmost educational institution. Embraced by its farm and sprawling acreages, the school offers a serene rural backdrop enriched by the captivating beauty of the D'Entrecasteaux Channel nearby.


The school provides a nurturing environment where students thrive amidst nature's abundance. With an emphasis on community, Bruny Island District School fosters strong bonds among students, families, and staff, promoting values of caring, respect, responsibility, and appreciation.


Several options abound for those seeking schools near Bruny Island on the Tasmanian mainland. Consider schools like Woodbridge Primary School near Kettering in Woodbridge, Snug Primary School in Snug, Channel Christian School in Margate, or Illawarra Primary School in Blackmans Bay, among many others.

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