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Allens Rivulet, Tasmania, Suburb Profile

Allens Rivulet, Tasmania | Fall Real Estate | Suburb Profile

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of Tasmania's natural landscape, Allens Rivulet emerges as a small, charming rural residential locality, offering a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Boasting impressive cliffs adorned with towering ash trees, this picturesque suburb invites residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in its pristine surroundings. Allens Rivulet prioritises eco-friendly living, providing residents with a peaceful haven for an excellent quality of life.

Where is Allens Rivulet, Tasmania?

Allens Rivulet sits a mere 15 kilometres southwest of Kingston. Kingston offering Allens Rivulet residents with convenient access to supermarkets, shops, services, restaurants, and more. Surrounded by the idyllic communities of Kaoota, Sandfly, Margate, and Snug, Allens Rivulet benefits from its proximity to essential amenities and recreational opportunities, making it an ideal place to call home.


With its affordability, recreational spaces, and proximity to other thriving suburbs, Allens Rivulet promises a lifestyle that seamlessly blends rural charm with modern convenience.


Postcode of 7150, Tasmania

Allens Rivulet, Tasmania to Hobart: 24 min/25.7 km

Population of 506 people from the 2021 census

Real estate in Allens Rivulet

Allens Rivulet Suburb Profile | Fall Real Estate

Allens Rivulet presents a diverse array of real estate opportunities, ranging from sprawling acreage properties to charming family homes cradled amidst picturesque landscapes. With its undisturbed setting and proximity to nature reserves and walking trails, the suburb offers residents a peaceful retreat while still being conveniently located within reach of Kingston's amenities and Hobart's CBD.


Properties in Allens Rivulet often boast breathtaking panoramic views, including sights of kunyanyi/Mount Wellington and Sleeping Beauty, enhancing the serene ambience of the area. Many homes enjoy sunny, northerly aspects, providing ample natural light and warmth, and some properties feature extensive acreage with pastureland and environmentally protected natural bush, attracting a variety of wildlife and fostering a deep connection to nature.


Additionally, some properties offer various recreational amenities, such as state-of-the-art basketball courts and heated indoor swimming pools, catering to different interests and lifestyles within the community. Gardening enthusiasts will appreciate the well-established gardens and vegetable patches in many Allens Rivulet properties, allowing them to cultivate their own produce in a beautiful setting. For those seeking a green and sustainable lifestyle, solar panels are a common feature on properties, contributing to energy efficiency and reducing environmental footprints.


The community spirit in Allens Rivulet is strong, with a sense of camaraderie prevalent among residents. They created a community Facebook group, fostering mutual support and assistance among residents. Equestrian enthusiasts will find several establishments in the area catering to their passion for horse riding and farming.


Allens Rivulet's convenient location adds to its appeal. The suburb is just 25 minutes from Hobart's CBD and 15 minutes from Kingston. This proximity allows residents to enjoy the advantages of a rural lifestyle while still having easy access to a wide range of amenities.

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Transport availability in Allens Rivulet

Residents travel to and from Allens Rivulet by car, bus or taxi.


Tassielink Transit operates a bus hourly from Hobart Interchange, Macquarie St, Stop D1 to Huon Hwy / Sandfly Rd. The journey takes about 26 minutes.

Things to do

Goat on a Hill Blueberries is a charming blueberry farm atop a hill at the end of a rustic dirt road in Allens Rivulet, Tasmania. Renowned for their delicious, chemical-free blueberries, Goat on a Hill Blueberries invites visitors to experience the joy of picking their own fruit amidst the picturesque countryside.


The farm prides itself on its commitment to organic farming, ensuring the blueberries are delicious and environmentally friendly. With every blueberry season coming to a close, the farmers at Goat on a Hill Blueberries are grateful for the support of their community and the joy that their blueberries have brought so many. In the words of one satisfied picker, their blueberries are "happiness on trees," a sentiment that encapsulates the enjoyment and satisfaction found in the simple pleasure of picking fresh fruit.


Kingborough Remedial Massage offers a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation amidst the calm setting of Allens Rivulet. Led by experienced Remedial Massage Therapist Kate de la Motte, the clinic specialises in personalised treatments designed to alleviate pain, reduce stress, and restore balance to the body. With a range of services, including remedial and relaxation massages, each session is tailored to address individual needs.


Clients can unwind in the serene environment surrounded by nature, as testified by Bec, who described the experience as "wonderful" amidst the backdrop of trees, a flowing creek, and the melodic chirping of birds. Whether seeking relief from specific ailments or simply indulging in a moment of relaxation, Kingborough Remedial Massage offers a haven for holistic well-being in Allens Rivulet.


Tassie-T is a testament to passion and dedication, boasting over 30 years of expertise in cultivating tea in the heart of Allens Rivulet at the gateway to the stunning Huon Valley in Tasmania. Originally initiated as a research project with the Department of Agriculture, this family-owned enterprise has blossomed into a thriving business under the stewardship of Dr. Gordon Brown, a horticultural scientist, his wife Jane, a former teacher and food technologist, and their daughter Charlotte, a business graduate.


Operating primarily as Tassie-T but also known as Dry Ideas and Scientific Horticulture, the farm practices sustainability and environmental stewardship, offering natural, pesticide-free teas. Visitors can immerse themselves in the farm-to-table experience by booking a guided tour of the tea fields, a tea blending session, and a decadent picnic high tea amidst the lush garden surroundings. For those seeking a more intimate experience, private guided or self-guided tours are available, providing insights into the rich history and innovative methods of tea cultivation.


Full Gallop in Allens Rivulet offers Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), a unique mental health and well-being approach. With certified professionals and horses, participants engage in ground-based activities, gaining immediate feedback and valuable insights. This innovative therapy, distinct from traditional methods, fosters personal growth, empowerment, and resilience, offering a refreshing alternative for individuals and families facing various challenges. Additionally, guests can enjoy luxury farm stay accommodations through Airbnb, immersing themselves in the tranquil beauty of Allens Rivulet while embarking on a transformative journey.

Fall Real Estate Suburb Profile - Allens Rivulet

Nature and recreation spots

Allens Rivulet, Tasmania | Suburb Profile | Fall Real Estate

Enfolded amidst the lush greenery of Tasmania's natural wonders, the Allens Rivulet Track beckons with its serene charm and scenic delights. Meandering along the creek's edge, this picturesque trail offers glimpses of towering ash trees and dramatic cliffs that punctuate the landscape. A testament to community collaboration, a portion of the pathway owes its existence to the dedicated efforts of volunteers from the Trail Riders Action Club. Managed with care by the Allens Rivulet and Sandfly Landcare Group, this peaceful haven invites visitors to embrace the serenity of nature.


Are you considering a trip or walk to explore the breathtaking scenery of Tasmania? If so, we have just the thing for you! We've written an informative article that covers possible minibeasts you may encounter while exploring our beautiful island. Check it out by clicking here.

Dining and cafes

Allens Rivulet, a quaint rural suburb, boasts a serene atmosphere devoid of dining establishments or cafes. Nevertheless, its fortunate proximity to neighbouring suburbs ensures easy access to a diverse array of restaurants and cafes just minutes away.


In Blackmans Bay, The Beach House stands as a beloved choice for locals. Open daily, it caters to a variety of preferences with a diverse menu spanning breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you're meeting friends for a steaming cup of coffee or indulging in a delectable evening dessert, The Beach House has you covered. To learn more about restaurants and cafes in Blackmans Bay, check out our Blackmans Bay Suburb Profile.


Kingston offers a diverse selection of restaurants and cafes, with Parklane at the Lantern Centre emerging as a notable and fresh addition to the neighbourhood. Mothers are increasingly choosing this vibrant spot for their gatherings, as it features an enclosed playground for children and ample room to accommodate prams. To learn more about restaurants and cafes in Kingston, check out our Kingston Suburb Profile.


Located at Kingston Beach, The Salty Dog offers a delightful experience with its exceptional beer garden, complete with outdoor seating and a grassy area featuring picnic tables—an ideal setting for enjoying a delectable Australian meal with loved ones. To find out more about restaurants and cafes in Kingston Beach, check out our Kingston Beach Suburb Profile.


At Cygnet, The Port Hole Cafe is a cherished local gem, offering a mouthwatering selection of treats and dishes. They cater to diverse dietary preferences with a thoughtful range of gluten and dairy-free options. Relax in the inviting outdoor setting with picnic tables, perfect for enjoying your meal while children explore. Alternatively, cosy up indoors to soak in the charming atmosphere and catch up on local news. To find out more about restaurants and cafes in Cygnet, check out our Cygnet Suburb Profile.

Shopping and services

Bayview Market in Blackmans Bay Tasmania
Bayview Market in Blackmans Bay, Tasmania

While Allens Rivulet lacks shops or services, residents and visitors are fortunate to have abundant options in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Here are just a few highlights to explore nearby.


Just a quick 10-minute drive away, Margate offers a range of conveniences for locals, including a post office, pharmacy, second-hand stores, petrol station, hairdressers, fish and chip shop, childcare facilities, and more.


In Blackmans Bay, you can explore the charming Bayview Market, nestled in the heart of town, offering a variety of shops to cater to your needs. Hill Street provides fresh produce and gourmet treats, while Blackmans Bay News and Post keeps you informed and handles your postal needs. Terry White Chemmart offers health and wellness essentials, and Cellarbrations is your go-to for beverages.


Not too far away, Kingston Plaza and Channel Court Shopping Centre, both located in Kingston, provide locals with their everyday necessities, where you can shop more, including Coles and Woolworths, the local post office and pharmacies, Big W, Just Cuts, Jeans West, Flight Centre, General Practice Plus, and Breadd.

Are you a local business?

If you own a business in Allens Rivulet or Southern Tasmania, we would love to showcase it in our suburb profiles. Please send us an email ( and tell us about your business, what makes it unique, and why we should feature it.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Local schools

Illawarra Primary School in Blackmans Bay Tasmania

Nearby schools are located in surrounding suburbs, including Margate, Snug, Woodbridge, Blackmans Bay, Kingston, and Huonville.


At Margate Primary School, they aim to prioritise nurturing curiosity, kindness, respect, and courage in their students. They aim to empower their students to reach their full potential through quality teaching.


Blackmans Bay Primary School boasts lush natural surroundings with native flora and fauna. This K-6 co-educational school offers a nurturing environment for all learners, emphasising the arts—drama, music, and art—aligned closely with its core values.


Allens Rivulet is also close to St Aloysius in Kingston Beach, Channel Christian School in Margate, Calvin Christian School, and Southern Christian College, both in Kingston—all are co-educational private schools offering primary and secondary education.

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